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XGC Buffy XD

Jul 20, 2015
Thornton, Colorado
Registering Your Recruit and Recruitment Speech

Recruitment Speech
Welcome : (enter gamer tag here), To Xiled Gaming Community (XGC for short), a gaming community formed in 2006, with over 50,000 gamers worldwide. We are glad to have you here.

For the next seven days you will have a probational look into our gaming community, and an opportunity to meet many new gamers that are like minded and play for fun. During this week, you will be able to talk and game with our members to see why we are a happy gaming family. You will have access to buddies pretty much any time of the day. You will gain a membership to our online forums where our ever growing family converse about all things gaming and more. You will also gain membership to a gaming ladder for inter-clan competition at pwnzone.com

To become a recruit we must ask the following questions:

Are you at least 18 years of age? (if not, must be placed in SYN or KoG for 16+)

Have you ever been a member of XILED GAMING before? (If yes, their return needs to be verified by your Section Leader before they rejoin the community to ensure a Grass Wasn't Greener application isn't required.)

Does anyone else use your gaming tag? (if no move on, if yes read the following: The reason we ask is because as a member of XGC we hold true to our honor code, and it is important that anyone on your account do the same, failure to adhere to this can lead up to and include loss of membership to our community, please be aware that while we understand every situation is different we still look at them at a case by case basis to ensure proper treatment for an offense if one has occurred)

Are you currently a member of another clan/community?

What we ask in return for our hospitality, is that you be at least 18, and agree to and understand our honor code, rank structure, and rules.

Our Gaming community is broken down into four divisions, each with their own requirements/features.

Xiled Gaming Clan (XGC) For 18 and up - role model for the other divisions
Kings of Gaming (KoG) For 16 and up - family oriented
The Syndicate (SYN) For 16 and up - underground division, rules are less stringent
Xiled Gaming Girlz (XGG) - open to women only, it is a secondary division so members are also part of one of the main three divisions

Our community is made up of these four divisions, each appealing to different gamers, so we can maintain an open home to pretty much any type of gamer so no one gets left behind.

We also operate under a rank structure, the first six ranks you will encounter almost regularly. You will encounter higher ranks depending on your own rank. Keep in mind, the higher you go up the chain of command, the more responsibility is assigned.

S=SERGEANT (able to change your GT at this point, but it is not required)
The next four ranks are easily identified by having these characters at the end of their gamertag.

Now that you have been read our recruitment speech would you like to continue?

(If yes read the following, if no thank them for their time)

Moving forward we ask if you can give a few minutes to hop online and visit our site XILEDGAMING.com, so proceed with registration.

(At this point we work directly with them on signing up and THEN READ THE HONOR CODE TO THEM while they are signing up. After each section ask them if they have any questions.
New members will not be allowed to change their gamer tag until reaching the rank of Sergeant and receiving approval from a Section Leader. See the thread in the clan forum to submit the request.

Inform the new recruit of our WEEKLY CLAN MEETINGS - [insert day/time]. Although not mandatory, their first few meetings are vital to introduce them to the clan, and introduce the clan to them.

1. If the Captain or General is not doing the read-in, please communicate to both of them via messages to let them know of the new recruit so that they can be added to the clan list as well as the appropriate squad list.
2. Send a message to the squad so that the new member can add their squad members to their friends list.
3. Post in the Recruits, Promotions, and Transfers thread.
4. Post in the clan club chat to let everybody know of the new recruit.

Getting Your Recruit Registered

Have the recruit go to the website at www.xiledgaming.com
Many recruits use their mobile device to register. If this is the case, once on the site they must scroll to the bottom of the page and click on FULL SITE. Certain registration features are not available on the mobile site.

The first thing they do is click REGISTER at the top right of the screen. The screen will change, and they will enter their birthdate, and then click proceed. The screen will change again, and here we go...

Username: Exactly the same as their Xbox Live gamertag
Password: Something they will remember
Email Address: An Email address that they have access to. Make sure it is put in correctly, they will receive a link in their email once registration is completed to activate their account.
Confirm Email Address: Again, it should be obvious, but this has been probably the biggest problem I have seen
Image verification: A pain in the #&% but it must be done correctly. It is for security reasons.

They will put a check mark in the following boxes:
Honor Code
General Forum Rules
Terms of Service

They select their gender.

Referrer: They put in the name of the person that recruited them.

Time Zone: Use the drop down box and find their time zone

DST Correction: For daylight savings time.

Receive Email: Select if you would like to receive emails regarding posts on the website

Gaming Community: XGC

Xbox Live Gamertag: Again, the same as their xbox live gamertag

Console: Xbox One

Everything else is optional, but I like to have them put in their location, at least the state.
Click on Complete Registration.

Have the recruit go to their Email, and find an email from XiledGaming. They need to click on the URL that is in the Email.
(Have the recruit check their JUNK folder if they can't find the email.)

The URL will take them back to the Xiled Gaming site. If it shows they are logged in at the top of the screen, then you have successfully helped them register on the XG website.

At this point, have them go to their profile and update their rank under About Me - XG Rank with a pencil next to it.
Have them request to join the user group - several ways to do this.
1. My Profile - left hand side down to Permission Groups - Join Groups - scroll down to find [clan name], click the Join Group bubble, and keep scrolling down to the bottom and on the right hand side click Join Group.
2. Settings - left hand side - Join a Clan - scroll down to find [clan name], click the Join Group bubble, and keep scrolling down to the bottom and on the right hand side click Join Group.
3. Forum - Community - click arrow and get the drop down options, click Join a Clan, scroll down to find [clan name], click the Join Group bubble, and keep scrolling down to the bottom and on the right hand side click Join Group.

For women only -
Repeat the same steps as before, but scroll down to find Xiled Gamer Girls and repeat the same process as before.

Helpful Links:
XGC Honor Code
Rank Structure
Promotion Requirements
Clan Structure
Core Values
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