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Is your clan a family?

SYN Cryptic

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Jun 3, 2019
One of the best things about this community is the fact we have so many people to game with, share our troubles with, and grow with. As a General I always work and strive to make my clan more of a family for those who are in it. Over the last few years that I have been in SYN there have been ups and downs, deaths, friends have come and gone, yet still the community thrives. Moves forward, and grows. Each and every single person that is apart of this community has added something good or bad to it. Thats part of what makes us a family here is that regardless of who you are or where you are from there's a place here for you as long as you take those steps to remain.

For those new people coming in and seeing this that are on the fence about joining. Never be afraid to take that step and see what we are about. Enter with an open mind and realize that every family has its good days and bad days. We take them in stride and we always look forward to move on.

To those who have left and are looking at coming back. Welcome home the lights been on this whole time. If you need help finding a room just ask! There will always be changes, but that's part of life and even if people go far away they always pass back by eventually.

To those on the way out. See you soon, hopefully you are leaving to better yourself and not on bad terms. Yet family fights happen. Don't take it to heart, and even if now isn't the place for you tomorrow may look more comfortable, that light and a gwg is all that stands between you and a second chance.

To those growing and looking to move forward. Every family tree has to fork. (Unless you're from Arkansas.. I'm not apologizing!) There isn't a single person I know who doesn't hope to watch your family grow with us and your clan thrive. Keep pursuing your dream. Keep building, and we can't wait to see what you will become.

At the end of the day this community is what you make of it. The good. The bad. The ugly crying. It's all part of what we are trying to build. Let's play sometime and make something amazing!

Later losers!!
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