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Intro to Generals Class 1-23-2021 @9pm Eastern

XGC Mini Me XD

Division Leader
XGC Section 8
Jul 9, 2013
XGC Mini Me XD will be hosting an Intro to Generals Class on January 23 2021 @9pm Eastern Time
It is open to any member holding the current rank of General in all divisions within XG.

This class will be held in Party Chat with only 10 spots available. Members will be invited according to the order in which they sign-up.
Remember, only sign-up if you are able to make it! If you have signed-up, and are unable to make it last minute, please send a message so the spot can be filled in a timely manner.

Note #1 The class should take approximately 2 hours
Note #2 This class is required for promotion but DOES NOT guarantee one

Be ready to take notes!
Eastern Time 9pm
Central Time 8pm
Mountain Time 7pm
Pacific Time 6pm
UK Time 2am

Please follow the following format below when signing- up.

Gamer Tag:
Section Leader:
Estimated time as General:

**** Please add XGC Mini Me XD to your friends list when signing up ****