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In Remembrance of KOG Cobra XD

I am shocked and saddened by this terrible news of your passing. I am not sure if I have known of someone to make as big of an impact in XG as you did in the short time you were with us. The fact that you went from recruit to XD is less than two years, is a testament of your leadership and dedication to KOG. I could always count on laughing when in a party with you, no matter the topic of conversation. You and your nips will be missed. Although Cobra was the leader of the snake pit, you will always be Turdz to me. Rest In Peace.

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Turdz a friend a Leader someone who you could talk to about alot. A real genuine individual definitely a sad moment when we got the news of you passing alot of heavy hearts in this gaming community, but you left a positive impression with myself and many other people with XG. Alot of this still hasn't sunken in yet but I know it's real. We all lost a friend a gaming buddy and a great leader.
Turdz is one of the best people I have ever came across in all my years in XG and was a even better leader. I remember many times being in parties with Turdz and him either pulling a prank on KoG Lotus XD or when this one scam caller called about his warranty on his car that he never owned and kept going along with it for around 30 min. I will always miss his random party invites just to jump in the and joke around. KoG Cobra XD will be missed by me and everyone else that knew him and he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend.
Sad to hear you've left us buddy. Still remember the first day we came together, Cyber tournament on MW, before all this Covid garbage, played you guys in the second bracket with my team of scrubs. We were no bodies, but everyone knew you guys, that match changed our entire clans outlook, spawned numerous scrims and game nights between our clans, and even a full on clan battle on CC. I'm sure a lot of people will remember you for your streams, but I'll remember you as the XS that helped me get promoted and setup for Gen at 2 am(while maybe saying that one of the prerequisites involved me referring to you as 'Daddy') . Rest easy big guy.
Cobra you will be missed by all of us. you were the first person so sub to me in my stream and will always have a permanent spot here in my stream community. you impacted so many of us in xgc and came a long way. you were my per my friend and we will all miss you buddy. Thank you for being you and brightening all of our days when you were around. WE will miss you and never forget you
I only had a few conversations with Cobra prior to March when I started watching his streams during the day as something to check out while working.
After that, we had several conversations about headsets, streaming stuff, gaming, and life. A great person who was well-liked and highly respected in and outside the community. R.I.P.
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