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Gamertag Change Requests

Chief on TV

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Feb 26, 2018
Rent free in your mind.
Gamertag Change Requests
(Please have your member change their gamertag within 72 hours, or you will need to repost your request again)

  • Please remember, you must be a Sergeant or higher to request a new gamer tag.
  • Generals should be the only ones to post in this thread.
  • Before you post your requests, please make sure that all three plus (3+) choices you provide are names you will be willing to represent for yourself. (Nothing worse than having a name that you don't actually like!)
Please note, you do not need an approval for a name change without SYN. Example: Squash124 to SquishSquash
See the format below for posting:
Clan Name: (current clan you are in)
Current Rank: (rank that is sergeant or higher)
Current Gamer Tag: (current gamertag of the member requesting the name change)
Requested Names: (Give at least 3 names that fit within the Xbox guidelines of up to 12 characters or less)

Guidelines for Gamertag Changes:
  1. Does the gamer want to represent XG? Is the person someone that is willing to be a contributing member of XG?
  2. Is the name offensive? Is the name going to break the site code of conduct and/or forum rules and guidelines? Is it attempting to convey a message that is hateful or obscene?
  3. Is the name available? I will provide a link
    to access a Gamertag Search Engine for ease. Xbox Gamertag
  4. Name must be free of any type of leadership I.D. The rank structure is set up for a reason, new names unless approved by promotion must not include the following XS, XD, XC, OR XI.
  5. Is the name too close to another members name? Name must not contain any part of leadership names or be to similar to any other name that may cause a wrong I.D. The name must be free of any typed of numbers or symbols to make a name that might be to close to another name that is in use, or a clan name as the members name.
  6. Name must stay with in the XBOX outline. No more than 12 spaces, anything over 12 and the system will not allow it.
  7. What does the name mean? Names may not mean something that is against the rules or honor code. Names must be respectable meanings.
  8. Type of Name. Name must not be associated with any type of criminal names or members. Name must be free of any association to criminal lingos or I.D's. Is the requested name available to be used on the website and the Xbox? Using extra letters or numbers to mimic a name is not allowed. The choice of approving or disapproving a name falls to the discretion of the Section Leader.
  9. Please remember, you must wait for approval to change your gamertag. Once approved, you need to change your login ID on the website as well!