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    Formerly Known as SYN TEXAS DEVIL.

    Formerly Known as SYN TEXAS DEVIL.
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    Cube! It's Devil! WHATS UP?!

    Cube! It's Devil! WHATS UP?!
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    Whats up Clary? Sorry if I misspelled your old GT. I can't remember exactly what is was but I...

    Whats up Clary? Sorry if I misspelled your old GT. I can't remember exactly what is was but I think I got the correct first letter lol. Back when you were general over.... SYN Divergent? Or was it Shipwrecked? Its ol SYN TX Redneck/SYN Texas Devil here. Current GT is *Texas Satan*
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    I think i got everything. :D Theme: Hellfire/ Flames Flames behind and to the left and right of the text if you can. Font: Times new roman, use the word "history" in old english if you can. isnt a must though. Color style: something like what i have below (or the same). dark red and blue. I...
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    Everyone please help me SPAM Ben Karl Hall78 because its his birthday. He is a very valuable Lt in my squad over here in SYN GLUTTONY 7. He has also been one of my best friends on here. Please congratulate him here on the website, and on xbox 360 his GT is ben karl hall78. ​HAPPY BIRTHDAY OL' BEN!
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    User Name/XBL GamerTag: SYN TX REDNECK Clan Name: SYN KINGS Rank: Captain Gamer Division: SYN Previous Application Date: - Short Description of why you would like to be an Elite: My base game so far is Black Ops 2, although i do have Titanfall and can get COD Ghosts if it's required of me. I'm...
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    Howdy yall, I'm SYN TX REDNECK from the Xbox 360 Division in SYNDICATE. I was hoping if you play Titanfall on the Xbox 360 and your looking for other XG Members just make a post here so we can connect and run with a full squad. Actually I'm thinking about making an offline gamertag called XG...
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    Council, My names Texas Redneck18, I've recently left XGC Devil Dog company and XGC due to personal reasons. Since I'm no longer a member I wanted to ask a Council member directly about this rumor I heard to see if there is any truth in it. Since I've...