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  1. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    a “Pro” leader As a leader, are you leading from the front or from behind? There is a saying in the sled dog world, “if you are not the lead dog, the scene never changes.” The key to leading from the front is to be proactive versus reactive. Being proactive is built into the XG proven system...
  2. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    The way to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles Name Changes For a long time, Xiled Gaming was almost always Xbox only. With the changes made a while ago, Xiled Gaming now has members on Xbox, PC, and Play Station. When a General submits a name change, not only should they list the...
  3. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” TRANSFERS When doing a transfer, the proper method for this to happen is for the person transferring to contact their General, who in...
  4. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    TEAM WORK Team Effort Everything we do in an XGC Clan is a Team Effort. The Clan is based on the XGC Honor Code, Rank Structure, and Team Work. We pull the rope together and we succeed or fail together, but we always do it as a group. No one person is bigger than the whole, no one loss is more...
  5. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    "It always seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandel -Adding members to User Group the current process for adding a member to the user groups requires the general to post a request in the help desk once that member is accepted into the clan. Meaning they have reached the rank of private...
  6. XGC Lazy XS


    What up ? Just dropping by to say hi. Have a great day
  7. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    GETHER WE PULL THE ROPE. Leadership 101 Lead: Be the Leader your members deserve. Pave the way to success Empower your leaders to be free thinkers, and not merely a yes man Guide: Be the leader who is always willing to offer an outside perspective without interference. Never micromanage Offer...
  8. XGC Lazy XS

    Section Breakdown

    Name of clan: XGC Darkside Name of General: XGC Hambone. Captain: xx Frikster xx Captain: XGCHawkMech68 Remarks: They have at least 10 active members and 10+ semi active members Squads: 2 Clan meetings: Thursday @10pm est Goals Short Term(clan) Train leadership as replacements and find...
  9. XGC Lazy XS

    Comments, Ideals, and Concerns

    Your input is important to me. Postive or negative feedback is important to our growth and development as a community and leaders. Your ideals could be a game changer in the community and could possibly be something we havent thought of or something that we feel beneficial. Your concerns are...
  10. XGC Lazy XS


    Goals are easily to achieve if you put your effort in. Effort is not taught but found in the individual whom wants to strive for common goals. Goals are easily achieved if you use your peers,leaders,members, and use the open door policy to help us fit your needs. Communication is the key to...
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  13. XGC Lazy XS

    Meeting Notes

    This is were bi weekly meeting notes will be posted
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    Just somwere to shoot the poo!
  15. XGC Lazy XS

    Request Gamertag Change

    ONLY GENERAL'S ARE TO REQUEST NAME CHANGE!! Please follow the following format to post any gamertag requests you have received from your clan members. FORMAT: CLAN NAME: RANK: CURRENT LIVE GAMERTAG: DESIRED GAMERTAGS, in order (max per request approval is 3) 1)...
  16. XGC Lazy XS

    Request clan Split

    Please use this template: Name of the Clan to be split: Name of the General of the clan to be split: Total members of the clan prior to the split: Proposed Split Clan Name: Name of the General of the new clan: Name of the Captain of the new clan: Name of the LT of the new clan: List...
  17. XGC Lazy XS

    Request clan Split

  18. XGC Lazy XS

    In Remembrance of KOG Cobra XD

    Turdz you were truly a great person that was fun to be around. Playing warzone with you they would never be a dull moment. Your streams I would envy because you were playing and I was working. You was a great leader in the community in which with your heart and dedication have helped the...
  19. XGC Lazy XS

    ART Chat Box

    Congrats on your recent promotion to section leader. Welcome to the X-Team. Your hard work and dedication most deffently has paid off. Continue being the great leader that you are. Alway strive to become better. Im excited to have another section leader on our great team. As we strive to Keep...
  20. XGC Lazy XS


    13P FDC 91B HWM