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  1. HeAdCaSe

    APPROVED: HeAdCaSe trial event 6.20 9pm EST

    Event Name: MW All or Nothing Gamenight Game To Be Held On: CoD MW 2019 Date & Time: June 20, 2020 @ 9pm EST Hosts (Must Have 2): HeAdCaSe & SYN JAChelle XS Mass Message: The Events Team Presents The All or Nothing Modern Warfare game night, Hosted by HeAdCaSe & SYN JAChelle XS on June 20 @...
  2. HeAdCaSe

    COMPLETED: HeAdCaSe Signature Request

    1. Name and additional text to be used for Image: HeAdCaSe "Screws Loose, No Remorse" 2. Theme or your preferred image of the signature: Make it like the Joker from Suicide Squad but with your own creative Twist. 3. Color Style (Optional) Green, Purple, White
  3. HeAdCaSe

    APPROVED: HeAdCaSe Event Team application

    1) What is your username and gamertag? HeAdCaSe#1592 2) What days and times are you available to host events? Do these times change often? I am available to do any events. Times do not vary right now due to Covid-19 3) What are your current ideas of events you'd like to hold, and what games...