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Recent content by SYN Lazy XD

  1. SYN Lazy XD

    In Remembrance of KOG Cobra XD

    Turdz you were truly a great person that was fun to be around. Playing warzone with you they would never be a dull moment. Your streams I would envy because you were playing and I was working. You was a great leader in the community in which with your heart and dedication have helped the...
  2. SYN Lazy XD

    ART Chat Box

    Congrats on your recent promotion to section leader. Welcome to the X-Team. Your hard work and dedication most deffently has paid off. Continue being the great leader that you are. Alway strive to become better. Im excited to have another section leader on our great team. As we strive to Keep...
  3. SYN Lazy XD


    13P FDC 91B HWM
  4. SYN Lazy XD


    I started out 13p FDC national guard between jr and SR year. After Graduation 91b Fort Knoxx Ky
  5. SYN Lazy XD

    I will be on this eve I'll shoot you an invite

    I will be on this eve I'll shoot you an invite
  6. SYN Lazy XD

    SYN OPTIC XS’s Chat Box

    Congrats on your promotion. Welcome to the xteam
  7. SYN Lazy XD

    SYN General Promotion - SYN Kenshin

    SYN General Promotion - SYN Kenshin Everyone, please give a round of applause to SYN Kenshin on his promotion to General over SYN Manslayers. SYN Kenshin was an avid Call of Duty player when he was recruited, by a friend, back in February of 2013 into the clan of XGC Charlie Company. He...
  8. SYN Lazy XD

    [COMPLETED]Xs banner

    1. Type of Banner: xs banner 2. Name and Additional Text : only you control your future (animated scroll) 3. Theme of Banner: up to designers 4. Color Scheme: up to designers
  9. SYN Lazy XD

    Chat box

    Congrats on your promotion
  10. SYN Lazy XD

    SYN Promotion - SYN Serenity: MvfCobra

    New SYN General HELP me in Congratulating IndyAssassin13 on his promotion to General over SYN Glutony 7. He is syn JACHELLE69 2nd clan split in which he was recruited into syn wrath 7. He has always went above and beyond for his squad and the community. I'm excited to watch him grow as a...
  11. SYN Lazy XD


    1. Name and additional text to be used for Image: (ex. XGC Whoever) / (ex. I want it to also say, XGC Xiled Kingz, Blue Squad Captain) Want my name. And quote Only the strong SURVIVES 2. Theme or your preferred image of the signature: (ex. Halo, COD, Anime, Music) / (ex. I want to use this...
  12. SYN Lazy XD

    Congrats to DarkDragonXGC in being promoted to General of XGC Dark Destiny

    GENERAL OF Syn Lust 7 PLEASE HELP ME IN CONGRATULATING CheapShotsIV3 ON HIS PROMOTION TO GENERAL CheapShotsIV3 recruited by Syn JACHELLE69 in Syn wrath 7. CheapShotsIV3 from Scotland has always showed great dedication towards the clan and the community. Staying up till wee hours in the...
  13. SYN Lazy XD


    General promotion Please Help me in congratulating xDevilDogg96x his promotion to General over SYN Gotham. xDevilDogg96x was recruited by his former general Syn x CareBear. He showed leadership qualities from the start always wanting to help out any way that he could even hosting practice...
  14. SYN Lazy XD


    New general over syn wrath 7 PLEASE HELP ME CONGRATULATE JACHELLE69 IN HER PROMOTION TO GENERAL OVER SYN WRATH 7 JACHELLE69 was recruited into Syn wrath 7. She was very active and showed no interest moving up but was always eager to help anyone. As months go by asking her if she ever thought...
  15. SYN Lazy XD


    SYN X Brave SYN X Brave first recruited by V360 ghost in syn inferno. He has always showed leadership qualitys and eager to help anyone that needed it. SYN INFERNO has always put out some of the best leadership in XG even though it has been known as the outcast of XG. Please help me...