I have lived a full life that makes me the person I am. Beginning at the age of 11, I found my brother which we was very close hanging in our garage. This was hard enough being such a young age to coop with. Then the age of 14 I was kidnapped by 3 men taken to be sold. After an amber alert was sent out the police found me south of Florida after I was throwing trash out the window to get there attention. At the age of 16 I had my first child. I have been married 4 times by the age of 19. I have 4 natural kids and I adopted 3 others while they lost their mom while they were in diapers. I have lost one son Jan 2011 in a car wreck which this broke me. I am here to help others, listen to them, be there for them as I know if I can help one member and show them there is someone who cares I know I have done something good. I try to get to know every member I have and treat them with the love they deserve. I am the person I am for which I have lived life. There is so much more you all don't know about me but if anyone ever wants to talk I am always here. My heart is for everyone and I will always listen.
Sep 8, 1971 (Age: 49)
Maryville, TN
XG Rank
Section Leader
Gaming Community
Gaming Consoles
Stay at home gamer


SYN JAChelle XS #1826


SYN Wrath7 Home Clan
SYN Envy 7- 03/02/2020
SYN Greed 7- 03/03/2020
SYN Blood Lust- 05/19/2020
SYN Pride 7- 07/20/2020
SYN Blood Line- 07/24/2020
SYN PYSCH WARD- 09/27/2020

Recruited SYN Wrath7 October 14, 2018
Sargeant SYN Wrath7 October 22 2018
Captain SYN Wrath7 March 26 2019
General SYN Wrath June 5 2019- November 10,2019
Section leader Nov 10 2019- Present


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