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SYN FinnyFloyd
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  • Haha thanks Storm. You can ask everybody I play with about it. And they'll say the kniver in the clan is Floyd haha. But yeah is was fun playing with you to. Should play again some time :p
    Finny! It was awesome playing with you last night! Although you are such a turd when it comes to knifing people! haha Lets do it again soon!
    Aye Floyd, To Join the KIK group, scroll down to where it says groups (Right above permission groups) and click join a group then it will show a bunch of the most popular ones. There will be a search bar on the page. Just type in "KIK Users"
    I really enjoy playing with my Empire. Going from playing with HotShot and Silent to DropDead to Kitty. I'm sure glad I joined . Thank you. You guys.!!!!!!!!!!!
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