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  • what up codebook i see you creator of XG texas i woud like to Join to bad San Antonio lost finals. i wanted my free coffee
    CODE BOOK!!!!!!!! ive been trying my ****ing HARDEST!!! to get back in this clan.... dude.... if ur the code book i remember.... I CANT BWELIEVE U R A SEXTION LEADER HAHAHA! if ur not the same codebook.... sry for msgin u lol! if i remember correctly i helped recruit u! that is aMAZING! lol msg me back bro my gamertag is not Grim877 send me fr if u can. i would much like to get back in the clan and yes, i know ill have to start over... im not a dumbass... i was a general once i know the rules or at least what they use to be
    xiledgaming.com, SYN, XGC, XGG, and KoG all those ***yy clans suck huge sweaty chocolate balls and suck huge smelly ****ks and have ***y butt sex all day w/ eachother
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