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  • Idk how I feel about game pass tbh

    I feel I would rather own the games I play... but I get that it is probably cheaper for people that play a lot of different games.

    glad you are liking it, and I know undead labs will be doing everything they can to fix bugs
    yeah i read mostly mixed to poor reviews.. but that is from the big girls.. you know.. IGN and the like..

    i was a SoD1 fanboy, and from the bit of vids i watched it looks pretty good.

    is it as glitchy as they say? and have you tried playing co-op yet?

    regardless i will be picking it up when i wrap up this stupid long job i am on...

    i originally purchased the pre-order ultimate but MS refunded it because of an error or something, so i have just been waiting to get it again lol.
    almost updated signature to give thanks... sorry i have been away for too long and was disrespectful to the designer :(
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