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  • It's sad how things change over just about ten years, God I miss the old days where it was me and my best friend Jake, my old section leader sandman and his friend phoenixhawk jamming on bo2. Just about ten years since I've joined XG, surprisingly my account is still here though it looks like it's been gutted XD. I ended up jumping back on here after cleaning out my Xbox friends list and I got nostalgic.
    Its been a while since I last posted good god, if anyone has wondered where I've been. I guess just lone Wolfing it, I mean working hard to end up with nothing stinks, then it even went further. So I took a break, I year or so break that brought up some things that truly I miss, I miss the old days when I was a private under my buddy and sandman being the general, I miss the BO2 days, I miss the family i had. And truthfully that's why I'm back. I need the social interaction, the friends, the good times decimating with the family. So I'm back I'm definitely changing this old username when I get the chance ��
    ive decided the name of my squad will be (crota's annihilation squad)
    i have to wait til i get home, so i can create the squad since i dont have the squad template, in other news bungie is annoying me with the level 33 hard raid, we cannot response, and we all are under leveled.
    well today I begin to work on recruiting, I really hope things go smoothly, im so glad that new dynasty is now a destiny clan, I maybe on a dead line but I will not fail, and again my poetic skills are strained I have maybe 5 poems I think are good, Christmas is just around the corner, school is so tirering somtimes, if anyone reads this and has any questions about me, my clan, my poetry, or just wanting to talk, just pm me and ill get back to u
    Hey AGR it's KoG Fluttershy I'm sorry I havent been active lately. I was wondering if I could have my position back as sgt or private and also when are the clan meetings
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