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  • Actually dead or just not active in the clan anymore? In any case, I decided to come back on here for some nostalgia. I kind of regret leaving once I was promoted to General because I thought it was too much work while playing a video game. You were the first leader I met, being a Division Leader at the time. I remember you eventually got to be one of the Council of Leaders. Sorry to see that you're gone now.
    Happy birthday FaceUp
    Hey. What happened to Faceup? I used to play a bunch of Halo 4 and COD with him and Lycos/Deadeye. They were hilarious and I really liked those guys.
    We may have never really gotten along but you where still a good leader and always willing to help out the lower ranks especially when it t came to raiding in Destiny you will be missed R.I.P
    FaceUp you were one of my closest friends in the community I’m sorry we drifted apart this passed year but I am happy we talked last week it felt like old time. You taught me a lot about being a good leader, I’ll never forget the good times we had I love you brother R.I.P Cody (KoG FaceUp XD)
    Rip my friend, even tho I didn’t know you very well you were an amazing friend, person, and by far the greatest thing that ever happened to XG. You will be missed but never forgotten.
    well eventually i will get a one.....still on 360...too bad we had fun i miss wreck too if u talk to him tell him hi ...im being promoted gen in xgc too yayyyy
    I'm thinking about hooking up the ps4 and playing sometime on there.
    Don't have destiny tho. I still have to add lycos on there lol
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