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    Each week 2 clans will have the chance to battle it out to claim “King of the Kill”. Once the Kill has been claimed, any clan has the opportunity to knock the current Clan out of the #1 position and take their place, thus becoming the new King of the Kill.

    If a clan thinks it has what it takes, the General of the clan can submit a challenge with their choice of Hardcore or Core, Game Mode, and Maps. All matches will consist of best 2 out of 3 or 3 of 5 matches. All challenges will be accepted on a 1st come 1st serve basis and will be completed weekly on Fridays.

    All matches will be streamed on the Xiled Gaming Mixer & Xiled Gaming Twitch Channel which can be easily viewed on the XG Home Page.

    Submit a Challenge HERE
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    Looks like KOG Diabolic had some good trainings before. They are the leaders right now. Maybe I'm not as good as them but I surely will watch the next matches on twitch. Would be cool if I could even bet on my favorite team but probably not enough people would participate.
    I mean there are already live bets for esports games available as you can see on