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Captain Class 11-09-2019 3:30AM

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  • Captain Class 11-09-2019 3:30AM

    This will be held in an Xbox One Party

    ***Please send me a friend request on XBOX ONE BEFORE the class so you can easily get into the lobby!***
    What Time Zone are you in?

    Here is a key to help out.

    I have listed every time zone in the continental US to help you know when the class begins.
    Eastern Time Zone: 3:30 PM

    Central Time Zone: 2:30 PM

    Mountain Time Zone: 1:30 PM

    Pacific Time Zone: 12:30 PM
    SYN TINTIGG XS will be holding a CAPTAINS Class on Sat NOV. 09 2019 3:30 AM

    This class is not required, however, it is highly encouraged for those who intend to move up in the ranks of XG.

    This class is open to any member already holding the rank of Captain in all divisions of XG(XGC, SYN, KoG).

    This class will hold ONLY 15 SPOTS.

    Members will be invited according to the order in which they sign-up.

    Remember, only sign-up if you are able to make it!

    If you have signed-up,

    and are unable to make it last minute,

    please send me a message so the spot can be filled in a timely manner.

    This class can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

    Make sure you have the time to dedicate to be at the class the whole time, or you will have to retake the class.

    Please make sure to have a computer/tablet/phone nearby.

    There will be things we will be looking at on the website.

    Please sign up with the following information.

    What is your Gamer Tag?
    What division are you in ( XGC , SYN , KoG ) ?

    What clan are you in?

    Who is your General?

    Who is your Section Leader?

    If you change your Gamer Tag between now and the class,

    PLEASE come and edit your sign up with the current Gamer Tag.

    If not, you will NOT be invited into the class,

    and if that happens,

    your higher ups will be notified.

    Please do not make me have to search for your new Gamer Tag.

    I will not and you will miss the class.

    Thank you!

    ****It will be your responsibility to join on me for the class,
    please send a message if you cannot see me online
    and I will send you an invite*****

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      Syn mythic
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