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  • Request Signature Update

    I already had a signature made several months ago by XGC Daji. I'm simply wanting another clan banner added to my current signature. I sent Daji a message back on April 4th and have yet to receive a response, so I figured I'd post here.

    I want to add the banner for XGC Unreal XK at the end of the cycle with my current rank of General listed in a non-disruptive space on it like the other banners. I can find the link for my current one if that will help any.
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    Please post the request in the format... You can post it on this thread.


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      I'm confused. I thought for updates you state simply what you want added or modified.


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        Initial post updated. If any additional information is needed please ask


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          Originally posted by MD Holliday View Post
          Initial post updated. If any additional information is needed please ask
          Are you still looking for a banner?


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            Yes I am. Apparently the site hosting my banner was shutdown recently and now there's nothing for you to reference. So here's my request.

            1. Name and additional text to be used for Image:
            101st - Captain
            Supremacy - Lieutenant
            Wolfpack - Sergeant
            Misfits - Sergeant
            Unreal XK - Lieutenant
            The Rejects - General

            Abbreviation for rank are fine, or even the official U.S.A. armed forces insignia/emblem equivalent for stated ranks.

            2. Theme or your preferred image of the signature:
            I would like the banners for each of the clans listed in #1 with the rank superimposed in an inconspicuous area of the respective banner. Probably one of the top corners.

            3. Color Style (Optional)
            Nothing I can think ofYes I am. My banner recently went defunk because the host site apparently shut down. I wanted basically a changing banner with the banner for every clan I've been in with the rank I was in that clan in a non-intrusive place on the banner.