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XD Banner for KoF Drifdar XD

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  • IN WORK: XD Banner for KoF Drifdar XD

    1. Type of Banner XD Forum Banner
    2. Name and Additional Text KoG Drifdar XD, Fill the Dash, 35
    3. Theme of Banner Planet(s) in space theme
    4. Color Scheme I will leave the colors to the designer, but I would like the number 35 to be blue

    I would prefer the planet(s) in the center, my name on one side, and The number 35 and Fill the Dash on the other.
    I am including a copy of my SYN banner as inspiration/ guidance for basically what I want. Thank you.

    recruit - captain syn mafia june 2014-december 2014

    general syn mafia december 2014-june 2015
    syn section leader july 2015-december 2015
    syn division leader december 2015-september 2017
    syn section leader september 2017-january 2018
    kog section leader january 2018-present

    my home clan is syn mafia

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    I'll pick up this request
    "If you wanna make people dream, you've gotta start by believing in that dream yourself."