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  • Design Team Application

    Gamertag and Username: XGC Logic XS
    What type of program are you using? Pixelmator Pro, Affinity Designer, Procreate
    How much experience do you have with your program and making signatures or banners? Pixelmator (1 week), Affinity (1 day), Procreate (2 days)
    What is your current Clan and Rank? Will this affect your ability to fill the requirements of being on the Design Team? XS, No.

    ^This took me dang near all day to figure out ^

    I'm also working on something in procreate but it's nowhere near finished since I haven't had much time to work on it.
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    XGC roughneck - Recruit - Lieutenant
    XGC Xenomorph - Sergeant
    XGC Whiskey Co. - Sergeant - General
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