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  • XG 2015 - 2016 CLAN STRUCTURE


    The goal of the 2015 CLAN STRUCTURE is to create smaller, tighter, stronger more personal clans. A clan is a group of friends who gets on to play together. Think for a minute, when you turn on your console who are you looking for first? The people you look for or text before you turn on your console, those are your clan members.

    Gone are the days of big clans. Gone are the days of dragging *** to get your clan split. Gone are the days of waiting for promotion. Do what's required for promotion, do what's required to split and it's going to happen. If it doesn't go straight to an XC or XI.

    With XG being in so many games and having members on so many platforms we MUST execute our clan structure perfectly in order to ensure YOU as a member are playing with like minded gamers and enjoying playing with your friends.

    1 General per 20-30 Members (Limit 1 per clan)
    1 Captain to a minimum of 4 Members (Making this a Squad)
    1 Lieutenant per Captain per squad.
    There are NO amounts or ratios of sergeants or privates per clan or squad!
    The proven Xiled Gaming rank structure will be followed exactly how it is written!
    All recruits must be introduced to their squad members and get to know them for the first seven days in the squad. Recruits must be put into squads with members who play similar games and on similar consoles. If a member of a squad switches games or consoles they must be transferred to a different squad or clan if necessary. These transfers will be approved by your section leader.

    All recruits must be voted in by the Captain/members of their squad after the seven day trial period.
    All recruits must be read the Honor Code before a clan invite is sent to them or user group request is approved.

    Promotions are given out by the next level of rank. Captains choose their Lieutenants, Generals choose Captains. Captains promote sergeants. Sergeants are members of our community and have earned the right to wear an XG gamer tag. Earning the rank of sergeant is a privilege! The rank of sergeant is a rank that can NEVER be removed once it has been earned! Getting recruits and privates to the sergeant position should be the Captains/Generals number 1 priority!
    No one gets promoted without their replacement being trained and ready to go. Generals promotions are based upon CONVERSATIONS conducted by Section Leader and Division Leaders at clan split. Interviews of recruits/privates/sergeants will NOT be conducted for any reason especially for promotion.
    All promotions from Section Leader and up will be talked about and voted on at the Sunday night meetings.

    Clans can and will split with a minimum of 20 members and a maximum of 30 members. This is a guideline not a rule.

    Clans will split when leadership in the clan is ready! Regardless of how many members are in the clan!
    Section Leaders put the request in the help desk. Division Leaders approve clan splits.
    Community Leaders will oversee that the split is done properly. They will add the leaders (General, Captain, Lieutenant) to check in and be available to talk and offer advice.
    Division Leaders will approve all clan splits at the Sunday night meetings. They will physically move the members via the website (user group) into the new clan. At this point any inactive or MIA members will be removed from the clan user group to reflect accurate clan lists.
    Sections Leaders will ensure the success of the split. They will add all of the moved members to their friend list and be available to assist with questions and recruiting if necessary. Anything to ensure the success of both clans.
    The Clan must have a complete clan structure in place. (See above)
    One General, One Captain, One Lieutenant and their group of people leave to start the new clan. (6-10 members including the General, Captain, Lieutenant)

    There is no minimum or maximum of sergeants or privates to complete a clan split. Clans and squads WILL NOT be judged by a 3-1 ratio! THERE IS NO RATIO for member count and there never has been! NO ONE WILL EVER BE DEMOTED TO ACCOUNT FOR THIS RATIO! When a sergeant (member) decides they want to step up and show their leadership ability in our great community they are free to approach their lieutenant, captain or general to let them know of their desire to lead. This is not asking for a promotion. This is simply sharing a desire or goal. People asking for promotions will not be rewarded with promotions. Time in position/community guarantees nothing! Promotions are rewarded to those who actively recruit and attempt to better the clan/community.

    A Section leader must be extremely involved in the new clan as well as the split clan to ensure success of the squads until the clan reaches 20 members. The Section Leader must also ensure that no one is left behind.


    Generals run their CLANS! They decide:
    • Colors, symbols, in game clan tags, or lack their of.
    • To allow someone two switch squads. (Both Captains must agree)
    • Promotions of Captains

    People can play with anyone they want, but canít be in another clan on any tag.
    Anyone caught Cheating will be kicked out of the Community immediately!!
    Other infractions will be dealt with warnings first and possibly movement to other areas of XGC, KOG, SYN, or XGG. If you are dating, married, family etc. you will not be allowed to be in the same clan!

    1. Must be active online and the forums on a regular basis.
    2. Be available to hear new ideas, suggestions, comments, and solve problems that arise within his/her section.
    3. Work closely with his/her Generals to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner and following the Honor Code at all times.
    4. Ensure that Generals post their clan list on time and finalize them by the 3rd and 17th of every month.
    5. Attend one clan meeting per week.
    6. Approve XG gamer tags.
    7. Approve transfers within own section.
    8. Keep discipline within the squads and report any infractions directly to the Division Leaders.
    9. Be a Moderator/Administrator on the website, which means deciding what is appropriate and inappropriate and giving warnings to offenders when the forum rules are broken.
    10. Post clan news, clan events, promotions and communicating with the clans via his/her forum as well as the clansí forums.
    11. Make sure Generals are fulfilling their responsibilities by evaluating them on a regular basis.
    12. Work closely with Division Leaders to promote XG in a positive way to all online gamers.
    13. Ensure all relationships in their clans are professional. If a romantic or family relationship arises, they must ensure the members are transferred to not be in the same clan.
    14. Prepare all aspects of a clan split to ensure leadership is developed and ready in order to guarantee the success of both clans involved in the split.

    Section Leaders DON'T run CLANS; that is the Generals job!

    1. Oversee and coordinate the Section Leaders.
    2. Serves as a role model for all Section Leaders and the entire division.
    3. Work closely with Community Leaders to make decisions that affects his/her Division as a whole.
    4. Work closely with the Section Leaders to oversee all activity within his/her Division, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents XG.
    5. Keep an open line of communication with all the Section Leaders and hold weekly meetings to communicate the direction of the Community.
    6. Start new clans when needed
    7. Approve all clan splits.
    8. Be a Super Moderator/Administrator on the website, which means enforcing the forum rules and guidelines by giving infractions or banning offending members.
    9. Post Division news, Division events and communicate with their Division via their forum.
    10. Make themselves "leaders" (via user group) over every new clan they make or clan split they approve on the XG site to ensure the success of the clan. Division Leaders must add all leadership (friend list) of a new or split clan and assist the Section Leader in growing the clan. XD will not be in more than 6 clan user groups at a time with out XI/XC approval.
    11. Division Leader will move all members from old clan to new clan via website. (User group)
    12. Display sound judgment and decision making in all aspects of their online interaction.
    13. Evaluate Generals for promotion to Section Leaders

    xbl gamer tags:
    xgc x0 0 7x xi
    xgc 007 xi
    xg 007 xi
    syn 007 xi
    kog 007 xi
    ps3 id: