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  • Gwg

    XGC Karma XC
    XGC Karma XC

    1. What division were you in? KoG

    2. Which gaming console did you play? Xbox one

    3. What clan were you in? Dont remember

    4. What rank was you? Sargent

    5. Who was your General? Dont know

    6. Who was your Section Leader (XS)? Dont know

    7. What was your gamer tag/username that was used during your time here in Xiled Gaming? KoG MaRiNe

    8. Do you have any other accounts? If so, what are they? None

    9. Is this your first time posting in the Grass Wasn't Greener? If not, please post a link to your previous application. No

    10. Did you go inactive, leave, or get removed (must pick one)? Removed

    11. When was your departure from Xiled Gaming (month/year)? 2 years ago

    12. Why are you no longer apart of the community? Probably drama

    13. Please include any additional comments here:
    I honestly dont remember why i left or got removed its probably drama related its been a couple of years honestly i would like to come back KoG is family to me haven't changed my gt yet im loyal to the community i send new people to join the clan
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