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  • Gwg

    1. What division were you in? XGC

    2. Which gaming console did you play?xbox one

    3. What clan were you in?wise guys

    4. What rank were you? sergeant

    5. Who was your General? XGC Poptart

    6. Who was your Section Leader (XS)? Cash XS

    7. What was your gamer tag/username that was used during your time here in Xiled Gaming? Jynx Anvilfist

    8. Do you have any other accounts? If so, what are they?nope

    9. Is this your first time posting in the Grass Wasn't Greener? If not, please post a link to your previous application. its my second one techniclly only because i posted one before and took it down, and then am reposting here

    10. Did you go inactive, leave, or get removed (must pick one)?removed

    11. When was your departure from Xiled Gaming (month/year)? i wanna say 7ish months?

    12. Why are you no longer apart of the community? i was immature, disrespectful, i had made racial slurs when angered, i spoke back towards my superiors and ignored the chain of command. i was childish and uncaring how my actions represented the community and myself

    13. Please include any additional comments here:

    i have learned my lesson, and by doing that i joined another community XGN which has help with teaching me better, i am currently leaving them and will be offically gone from XGN on the the 24th of may, 2019. i was immature and childish and thought because i was friends with poptart that the rules didnt apply to me, i am deeply sorry for how i acted and am willing to do whatever is necessary to return, i only ask that if i am accepted, i am put under KoG MARSHALL XS and CocoaMarly as the general. :3 thank you for your time.