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    1. What division were you in?


    2. Which gaming console did you play?


    3. What clan were you in?


    4. What rank were you?


    5. Who was your General?

    I believe XGC Rattler

    6. Who was your Section Leader (XS)?


    7. What was your gamer tag/username that was used during your time here in Xiled Gaming?


    8. Do you have any other accounts? If so, what are they?

    Playstation: CPL_PUNSHM3NT

    9. Is this your first time posting in the Grass Wasn't Greener? If not, please post a link to your previous application.


    10. Did you go inactive, leave, or get removed (must pick one)?


    11. When was your departure from Xiled Gaming (month/year)?

    I am unsure of the month but I believe in 2013

    12. Why are you no longer apart of the community?

    I wasnt playing games very often at the time. I was going to college and was a new dad at the time. I am just getting back into gaming with BLOPS 4 on ps4 and would like to join up again.

    13. Please include any additional comments here:

    I did not intend to quit playing with XGC I always really liked the community. Life simply got in the way of gaming and I could not commit to playing. One of the few times i did get on to play i found out MASS ASSAULT was disbanded. I am not sure as to what had happened to cause that as i have not spoken with Rattler or Bourn in several years.

    By posting this application, I certify that all the answered information above is accurate to the best of my ability. I understand that the approval process may take up to 90 days.

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