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  • My GWG

    1. Never was told my division.
    2. Xbox 360
    3. E7 dont remember what it stood for just remember what i was told to put up in my clan tag
    4. Recruit
    5. SYN YANKEE he may have changed his name
    6. Never met
    7. xxXAgentLeeXxx
    8. xR iLLUSiONiST
    9. Yes
    10. Removed or so what i was told
    11. Around 2-3 years
    12. Someone complained to our XS that they werent getting to run with us and we werent picking them up so the XS got on our generals *** about it and he didnt want to take the blame so he pinned all the blame on our lieutenant and said he was poaching and only pick the good players to play with. After all that went down the gemeral held a metting with everyone in it and demoted our captain and our lieutenant so everybody got rowdy and started swearing and saying it was all bull**** and SYN was retarded and everyone but the lieutenant and captain left the meeting and we all went to play in customs. After all that everyone said we were going to leave and we all did, but our lieutenant now a sergeant told us half of us got blacklisted for what we said and me being one of them knew what he was talking about. After all that they blacklisted our demoted captain and lieutenant.
    13. I was a recruit for about 2 months never was moved up and i attended every meeting and played with them whenever i could. There was someone who was recruited a couple days before me and 2 weeks later they were moved up to private then sergeant within the month.