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  • General promotion SYN IMPERVIOUS

    General promotion SYN IMPERVIOUS

    Please help me in congratulating SYN IMPERVIOUS to general of SYN VALAC. IMPERVIOUS first joined me in SYN HAVOC, where he showed great potential from the get go. So much so we even bumped heads to put it lightly. As the time pasted and he learned the community ways he became a great asset to the community. When Havoc did another split he went to SYN VALAC where he made LT and captain. While helping them through there tough times. Now Iím glad to say he has made general. Congrats again IMPERVIOUS keep setting your...
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  • General promotion SYN MAMADRAGON

    General promotion SYN MAMADRAGON

    Please join in on helping Congratulating SYN MAMADRAGON on her promotion to General of SYN PURGATORY!

    SYN MAMADRAGON has show great leadership skills and the enthusiasm to learn everything thrown at her. She has worked hard to help Purgatory grow and prosper.
    Canít wait to see all the new changes she will bring to Purgatory.. Congrats again..
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  • General Promotion: Congratulations DeadPrez100vs!

    General Promotion: Congratulations DeadPrez100vs!

    Help me in congratulating Deadprez100 to the rank of general over SYN BROTHERHOOD.

    Iím glad to see how far you have come from a recruit to a captain to now a General. Remember, communication is a key Though the thick and thin. I know you will achieve great things with your team! you guys will do great canít wait to see what you do for SYN BROTHERHOOD
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  • General Promotion: Congratulations DropShotPat!

    General Promotion: Congratulations DropShotPat!

    Please Help Me Congratulate DropShotPat for becoming the general of SYN Supernova!!!!

    DropShotPat found a home in nova. He has grown and worked very hard to be standing as a general. He has always found a special place for Supernova in his heart. He has shown his dedication and commitment to Supernova and prides himself in making people feel like him. He decided to change Supernovas games to fortnight and destiny 2! I can not be more proud and im so excited to see how supernova grows!
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  • SYN Promotion: New Clan: SYN Dementors - Deatheater937

    SYN Promotion: New Clan: SYN Dementors - Deatheater937

    March 5, 2018 marks the day Deatheater937 joined SYNdicate and began working her way to the top in SYN Gods.

    Her former peer, SYN ZUES21 said "she is really sweet to everyone she talks to." while SYN Lewd, the general who taught her everything she knows had this to say about her: "She's come a long way. From when she first joined, she was hesitant to talk to new people, and whenever I would join she would leave. She finally opened up and got more talkative, she is level headed, she knew what she was doing as a ...
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  • General promotion SYN KEMONO

    General promotion SYN KEMONO

    please congratulations to SYN KEMONO on his promotion over deathwatch. I know he will be great I been working with him. Kemono shows a lot of interest of learning and is egear to learn. He works hard and he's really dedicated to his clan and the community.once again congrats SYN KEMONO keep up the great work.
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  • SYN Promotion: Revive Clan: SYN Afterlife - NIGHTxxHAWK

    SYN Promotion: Revive Clan: SYN Afterlife - NIGHTxxHAWK

    NIGHTxxHAWK joined the community October 30, 2017 to SYN Afterlife, a clan he considers home and has now brought back from the grave.

    It only took him one game of Search and Destroy and ten minutes after to join this amazing community that made him feel like he was part of a family, part of something that allowed him to meet new people that shared his same interests everyday.

    When you ask his former general, SYN Pinkx369 what makes this guy so great as a general she'll tell you that he listens well and always listens...
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  • General Promotion: SYN Pretzel

    General Promotion: SYN Pretzel


    I recently got SYN Zodiac into my section. They have came a long way in a short time and i really have to give a hand to SYN Pretzel and his leadership for that. I havent known Pretzel very long but in the short time i have know him i saw the potential and the right attitude it takes to be a general. He stepped up when his clan needed a leader and really looked after his members when zodiac needed it the most.
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  • General Promotion: Fatderpybeats

    General Promotion: Fatderpybeats

    Help me in congratulating Fatderpybeats to the rank of general over SYN BROTHERHOOD. While heís been in SYN Ambush, he has grown a lot especially taking charge in his role in leadership. I remember when he first stepped up to the plate as a Lt. He always asking questions to better understand his role but to help other when they had any questions. Derpyís main thing is communication. At first being a captain, he struggled with his transition but he still pushed to be a great captain. He brought everyone together...
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  • Community Promotion: SYN Tgyles28

    Community Promotion: SYN Tgyles28

    SYN Tgyles28 originally joined XG back in April of 2016 into KoG, since then he has been in various different clans and been in leadership many times too. He transferred into Homicidal in March this year, seeking to return home to SYN after having transferred over to KoG for a while previously. There was originally no specific clan that he sought to join however he did express that he would like to help any clan that needed it. I have known Tgyles since first becoming a section leader so I know that he is capable if he
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  • SYN Promotion - New Clan: SYN Zombiez - SYN C137
    SYN LadyRebl XS
    SYN C137 joined the community under the gamertag Zombietbr into SYN Elemental on January 2016. When he joined, SYN C137 joined for the comradery that came with being in a SYN clan and he loved being around fun people in the "structured chaos."

    Eventually SYN C137 split off into SYN Dementors with Deatheater937 and worked his way up to Captain of Infinite Squad. From there he continued to work and build his squad and clan up until they had enough members to move to the Xbox...
    02-15-2019, 08:28 PM
  • SYN Roundhouse promotion story
    SYN Warden XS
    HELP ME IM CONGRATULATING: SYN Roundhouse on his promotion to SYN AMBUSH.
    Well bud I canít say that Iím worried or nervous from the moment you transferred over to SYN AMBUSH us sitting down an talking to hearing your goals an the moment you told me ďyou know Warfighter I wanna earn my way back up into leadershipĒ which you did an I was amazed we all go through bumps and bruises but you! You stay strong. When it comes to getting things done your on top of it. Your an amazing leader You know what...
    02-13-2019, 04:33 PM
  • SYN Promotion - New Clan: SYN Colossus - Torn Line
    SYN LadyRebl XS
    "I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to let this fail." - Torn Line

    Torn Line joined SYNdicate, under the clan SYN Gods on January 31, 2018, after meeting someone who convinced her it was worth joining. She worked hard and made her way up to Lieutenant in SYN Gods when they were on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but some unforeseen circumstances required her to back down. Soon, she came back and worked harder than before to get to the rank of captain, where...
    02-11-2019, 01:59 AM
  • General promotion
    Please help me in congratulating BUSH MAS7ER 49 to general over SYN Phoenix joined SYN HAVOC under me then went my first split to SYN Mayhem then when they split into Phoenix he followed where he became a great captain. He has shown great leadership skills and is a very determined individual. We are excited to see him move up to the rank of general over SYN Phoenix Congrats BUSH MAS7ER 49 keep up the great job!!!...
    01-30-2019, 02:07 AM
  • General Promotion
    Please help me in congratulating AzzWhipe2019 to general over SYN Purgatory. Since joined SYN Purgatory mid last year he has shown great leadership and sportsmanship. AzzWhipe has clicked with Most of us since the first day and we are excited to see him move up to the rank of general over SYN Purgatory !! Congrats AzzWhipe2019 keep up the great job!...
    01-30-2019, 02:05 AM
  • SYN General Promotion
    SYN Metal XS
    **Did he just go Super Saiyan?**

    Everyone, please help me in saying congratulations to SYN SAIYAN GOKU on his promotion over SYN Divergent! Goku is a chill, laid back dude, but knows when to put his foot down and get work done. He's crazy and kooky, but he's a great guy to know! He's been with me for a while now, and I'm proud to see him finally reach General after all of his hard work. He has stepped up his game, and he's not quitting anytime soon. Goku, you better not disappoint...
    01-26-2019, 12:02 AM