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Is Fortnite a Good Game to Base a Clan Around?


  • Is Fortnite a Good Game to Base a Clan Around?

    Is Fortnite a Good Game to Base a Clan Around?

    We have all seen the success, and popularity, of the game Fortnite. So my answer to this question is an outstanding yes. There are pros and cons to the game being a clan’s main game. From personal experience with my own clan, which is mainly a Fortnite clan, these are the pros and cons of that game.

    Let’s start with the pros alongside Fortnite. First, the game is very popular, so finding like-minded gamers is easier. Second, there are different modes in the game, so depending on the amount of people you have you can choose the corresponding game mode with ease. The games can last anywhere between one to fifteen minutes, depending on if you die at the start or not. Third, the game has a lot of playability to it with all the emotes, dances, sprays, skins, and other customizable things as well. This makes the game more enjoyable for a lot of people, and can spark hilarious moments in game.

    With the positive aspects of this game out of the way here are some of the less significant downfalls. First, although it’s a popular game, and a lot of people play it, you run into some problems while recruiting. For example, the lobby size is only four players counting yourself, so each match you meet three new people. The problem with that low number of people is that you often find people with no mics, some that are under the age of sixteen, and some people who are not quality recruits. With this con, it can be a challenge to recruit since the size of the lobby is much smaller than one in a Call of Duty game. Second, even if you find people to match up with that have mics they will more than likely leave after they die, so they can play another match. This makes it difficult to recruit as well if the person is a potential recruit because you can’t converse with them more to judge if they are a quality recruit. Third, Fortnite is a popular game not only to people sixteen and up, but also to kids from six to fifteen years old. This makes finding old enough recruits difficult as well.

    Given all the cons you're probably thinking “Why did you say yes to the question in the first paragraph?” Well that’s simple, although the negatives make the game harder to recruit on there are other ways to find recruits on this game. Those other ways are simple; and I have found success with them. One way to find potential recruits is with the “Looking for Group” option that Xbox One gives you. Another way that works well is an app called “Whisper.” Whisper is an app where you can create a post with a picture and some text; there are also groups you can join that are specific to certain games. After you post, people can whisper to you about your post. Once someone has done that you can see their account on Whisper, and how old they are. These two ways have helped me make a clan centered around Fortnite, and get multiple potential recruits.

    (Siegal, Jacob. “New Leak Suggests That Fortnite Will Launch on Nintendo Switch Tomorrow.” BGR, BGR, 11 June 2018,

    Courtesy of SYN Lewd - XG News Team Writer

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