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  • We're Not Hiding

    In case anyone would accuse us of painting over things or fabricating the truth, these are comments 14-16 on this article.

    Originally posted by RememberRememberFeb1st
    We told you. You didn’t listen. This is what happens when you demote good leaders and do not care. You get slapped. Btw no one is poaching. People left because you again demoted another leader who cared. You guys are a sick cult rather than a gaming community. You all hide behind each other. I should have destroyed you years ago. You XCs and XIs never come around unless you want to bully someone and completely throw out chain of command. I’m talking about you Traitor who split clans because a member was poaching. Tantaliz who was too big of a wimp to speak when you demoted Vee then apologized afterwards. Wreck you are a coward. I though more of you than that, you became the very thing you hated. Penguin, you aren’t who you pretend to be. I would know. You guys are never around until you screw up like this and run out of the wood works and try to talk people up to keep people. Then you disappear. You can’t paint over this. That’s your problem. You always try but it never goes away. Those of us know who you all really are. It’s not a secret anymore. We are all getting together now. You have tormented enough people in your wake. It ends. You know what you did was wrong.
    Originally posted by XGC Traitor XC
    Not only is this some of the most melodramatic horse**** that I've ever had the displeasure of reading, it's also so disconnected from reality that it's almost not worth dignifying with a response. Almost... We've tormented people? You should have destroyed us years ago? What the **** are you even talking about, bro? At no point in typing this did you take a step back and consider that you sound like a salty, obsessive, butthurt lunatic? You need to calm down... It's just a video game...

    Setting aside that almost nothing you said is factually accurate, the hypocrisy of your entire comment is laughable. You made a fake burner account to spew your conjecture in a corner of the website completely unrelated to anything you're saying, and in the same breath, you have the sack to call us cowards and tell us that we're hiding. You're a joke. The only thing you said remotely worth a **** is that Vee cared. Of course she did, We all do. Otherwise, we wouldn't stick around to be bombarded by insults and personal attacks from nutless losers who think they're hard because they anonymously say mean things on the internet. If you don't like us, then go away. Get back to running your community of people that haven't realized what a ****ing embarrassment you are.
    Originally posted by XGC PENGUIN XC
    Anyone else see the irony of someone with a ghost account telling me I'm hiding behind a facade? Just wanted to get that out of the way. And this person knows me? Trust me, anyone that I keep close enough to "know me" wouldn't have posted this. Lie again.

    So let's call a spade a spade. This is another masked attempt to seed discourse and disinformation in our community. We've seen this dozens of times. Members get upset about a decision- and they leave because of it. Many times, they leave without even getting an understanding of why the decision was made. Once they don't have the following they thought they would, they begin to spread rumors and pull more members with bad information. Check the grass wasn't greener applications! You'll see them over and over, "I just left with my friends" or "I wasn't told the whole story".

    I'm not saying we are without fault or always right. I will say that every decision made by the XC/XI body is made with clear facts and with a "community first" approach. Any information to the contrary isn't true. To our members, hit any of us up. We're here. To the person who posted this, **** off with your lies. We all have better things to do than to entertain your nonsense.
    We are more than happy to carry on this discussion in a more relevant and public forum. We stand by our decisions; decisions we make for the betterment of the community. If you disagree with those decisions, that's your prerogative. If, at any time, you would like to raise a question about decisions you disagree with, there are a lot of us, and our door is open to discuss your concerns. We're not hiding.

      XGC EMINENCE XC commented
      Editing a comment
      That's right folks, we are not hiding. Our door is always open to anyone who wishes to use it. Every one of us is fully committed to this community and, most importantly, it's members. Don't get caught up in the hype of misinformation and manipulation. They say we don't care? Every one of us has spent countless hours over the years for this community. While others are gaming, we dedicate the majority of our time to the members of this community and addressing their concerns. We do it gladly and without complaint because we care. They say we demote good leaders? Not a single one of us get's online and wants to make those decisions, but we are left with no choice. We have to make tough decisions to protect this community and it's best interests. It's not personal and we don't get online to bully anyone. Moreover, these decisions are not made overnight. When someone makes a mistake or isn't fulfilling their responsibilities we do not immediately demote them. We teach them and lead them to a better path. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. When we have exhausted all other options, then we make the decision.

      At the end of the day, we do our absolute best. These people build their communities on hate and attempt to grow it through vengeance. Once that's depleted they fall, as evidenced over and over again. We don't want to see anyone of you leave and get caught up in the aftermath of their inevitable failure. If you have concerns, use the open door. Otherwise, happy gaming and enjoy the super bowl tonight.
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    In case anyone would accuse us of painting over things or fabricating the truth, these are comments 14-16 on this article.

    We are more than happy to carry on this discussion in a more relevant and public forum. We stand by our decisions; decisions we make for the betterment of the community. If you disagree with those decisions, that's your prerogative. If, at any time, you would like to raise a question about decisions you disagree with, there...
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