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    Syn TakeHim joined the community July 4th 2017, recruited into SYN SHIPWREACKED , thru hard work and eagerness to learn all he could about the community he was recognized as having what it took to be a future leader, moving to the ranks of LT. then to Captain in SYN Zodiac under General SYN Lotus who worked diligently in grooming him to be the best leader possible, after SYN SHIPWREACKED was sent to Davy Jones Locker / shut down. TakeHim transferred to SYN Devil Dogs on August 30th 2018 where once again he was seen a valued candidate for leadership, under the watchful eye of General SYN Bucken,, SYN TakeHim rose thru the ranks from LT to Captain, then rising to the rank of General when the New clan SYN VALOR split from Devil Dogs giving SYN TakeHim the opportunity to further expand his wings and soar, learning something new everyday, Always reaching his Goals with passion., After a few failed splits due to unforeseen circumstances his perseverance finally paid off, with time he produced a split bringing back his beloved home clan SYN SHIPWREACKED, when asked why his only response was it seemed like the right thing to do.
    As I was speaking with SYN TakeHim about his new position he reflected on the things he has learned as he progressed thru his time in the XG Community, and those he seen as role models, here is what he said:

    "Lotus planted the seed which gave me the drive, Bucken showed me how to be compassionate but firm, Blurry taught me to think for myself, and Snow for teaching me confidence in myself, helping me find and develop tools & resources to be successful and the encouragement to exceed past any limitations, But foremost my members, i give them the most thanks, because without their support , i would not be here to accept this exceptional position."

    Congratulation SYN TakeHim, this is truly well deserved !!!

    • Spicyboi G
      Spicyboi G commented
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      Congratulations takehim! Keep up the good work, friend!!

      INFAMOUSxCHIEF commented
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      It's a bit late but congrats bro! I'm looking forward to working with you!
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