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    SYN Defeatme

    IT gives me great pleasure to announce the resurrection of a past clan, SYN SHIPWRECKED, lost, but never forgotten to the depth of Davy Jones locker for far too long, some say cursed ,some say unstoppable, home clan to SYN ZACHMAN and countless others.

    SYN Defeatme

    Joined February 24th, 2019. Promotes to Captain 6/30/2019 Recruited to Valor on 4/17/2019 SYN Defeatme, originally XpoZe Defeatme was recruited to Valor on 4/17/2019 where he resided in Titans Squad. He always has a knack for being the life of a party and an apt interest in learning about the community and our ranks which quickly caught the attention of Valors Leadership. Defeatme was promoted to Captain on 6/30/2019 Where he took the reigns of Avengers Squad. As time progressed he built his squad up and and expressed interests in promoting as far as he could. SYN Defeatme has displayed exceptional leadership potential, Hell bent to succeed, Eager to learn, Always committed to his squad/clan, open to new exciting ideas, striving for success within the community he loves.

    Congratulations SYN Defeatme this promotion is well deserved.

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      Congratulations, my friend!

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