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Game with Fame featuring XGC EMINENCE XC


  • Game with Fame featuring XGC EMINENCE XC

    XG is built of many gamers who enjoy getting on the Xbox and making a difference where they can. Whether itís getting the final plant in Search & Destroy, leading a Raid Team on Destiny, or reaching out to all members in all divisions, including fellow leadership, to lend a helping hand wherever itís needed.

    XGC Eminence XC encompasses it all. He has been apart of Xiled Gaming since 2013. Joining SYN Mafia when he was 16, he made his way through the ranks producing multiple Clan Splits (SYN Serenity & SYN Kings) as well as had a hand in producing multiple leaders (SYN Revolver XS, SYN LLAMELLIK XS, SYN Zachman XD, SYN Drifdar XD), until he reached his current rank of Community Leader.

    What was the first game you ever played on XBOX?
    My first Xbox was the Xbox 360 (a little late to the game). I played a lot of Fallout 3 until Black Ops 1 came out which is the game that I was recruited on. I used to game a lot as a kid. My first ever console was a GameCube. It actually wasnít mine, it was my mom's, she was very competitive and still is.

    How did you first discover XG?
    When in High School, I first got internet and was able to play XBOX LIVE. I had a friend who I would get online and play with who was currently in the community at the time. After the first night of gaming with him and some of his friends from XG, I went to school the next day and got on the computer in the library and registered and joined the user group.

    When can we usually find you gaming and what games?
    Due to being in the military, I get on in the evenings. I canít stay up late because I usually have to get up so early. When I am on youíll find me playing Smite, which I really enjoy but am not very good at. Itís very complex, almost like my version of chess. The thinking that goes into it, such as the decision making when it comes to perks and the next move to make. Itís really fun to play with other people. The typical Call of Duty that everyone likes even though in the last few years they havenít been very good. Then Destiny 2. I enjoy everything about the game. There is always something to do, whether it's the stories, the strikes, the raids, multiplayer, etc. It all intrigues me.

    What is the biggest impact the community has had on you?
    Prior to joining I would have considered myself shy, not very social in my personal life. The last 5-6 years that I have been in the community, gaming with new recruits, training leadership, building clans, promoting leaders, dealing with issues, being a leader myself, has brought me out of my shell.

    Did you ever think that you would go so far into leadership?
    I took in every rank as they came and focused on the responsibilities of that rank and it always got me to the next one. Every time I was promoted, I wanted to do more. The higher I rose in the ranks, the more I was able to do. The bigger impact I was able to have. I got into leadership because I had 2 choices when I saw something going wrong or something I didnít like. #1 Sit back and let it happen or #2 Do something about it. I chose and always choose to do something about it. I felt like I could do better, provide a better experience than what was being offered. I made the choice to move into leadership and do just that. In turn, I made it almost all the way.

    When your not gaming, what are you doing?
    Working! Work, work, work. When I get off work I usually watch movies to relax. Iím currently watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. Itís interesting, literally all girls. Some girls that act like men. I like watching complex movies or shows that have a whole lot of story behind them like Game of Thrones or House of Cards.

    Speaking of OITNB, if you ever went to prison which persona would you be?
    I wouldn't want to sit there and do nothing. I would want to make friends. I definitely wouldn't want to be anyone's *****. I donít see myself running any criminal enterprise either but maybe the brains behind organizing it? Iím already in prison. It would be kind of fun to let loose, punch someone in the face, be able to say/do what I want because I'm already suffering the consequences. What more can they do? Itís not like you could go to prison when youíre already in prison.

    Do you listen to music when youíre gaming? If so, what?
    I donít usually listen to music while I'm gaming. I find it to hard to multi-task. Having to listen to music, listen to what's going on in the game and whatís going on in the party. I like to be involved in the game. When I'm not gaming though I do listen to a little bit of everything. I really like Zac Brown Band. Friends back home used to call me Zac Brown because before I had to shave my head for the military, I used to look like him. One of my favorite bands is Five Finger Deathpunch.

    What are some positive advice for future upcoming leaders in the community?
    Don't believe the hype. A lot of things can happen, people leave for one reason or another. We have seen it time and time again. Donít get caught up in what people say, ask questions, find the real story. If you follow, find out the truth, you will regret it. I was once in the same situation. At some point, all of my friends chose to leave and believe the hype. I stayed and it was the best decision I made.

    What is the craziest thing youíve ever done?
    Joining the Military! Itís been an interesting ride so far. The whole experience is so different from being a civilian working in a couple different factories to sign my life away for the next 5 years, being at their whim for whatever they need/want me to do, going to boot camp, not being able to decide when I wake up if I want to skip out on work or not. I canít do that. The whole experience is so different. One day I can work for 3 hours and then go home. Then the next day I could be working up to 13-14 hours. There is no firm schedule. Iíve gone out on the submarine once. The experience of living underwater for a certain amount of time is like no other. Thinking about where you are at and if something was to go wrong - which is plenty. Itís always in the back of your mind, if one thing screws up, everyone on the sub dies. There is no help. Itís not like being on a boat, you canít just jump off. If a fire starts, the temperature rises so quickly that it will cook everyone.
    Does it give you anxiety?
    No, itís just something I think about when I fall asleep.

    Do you get downtime? If you do, what how do you pass the time?
    We usually work in shifts. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. When I'm not working on qualifications for different aspects of my current job or other jobs that I'm interested in, we watch movies, play cards.

    Is it hard being around the same people for so long?
    You become so close with everyone on board. Youíre around them all the time. You chose your experience on the sub. You either get close or your entire experience is a terrible one.
    It so relatable to XG - you choose the experience you have.
    Yes! If you get on and donít play with people, you arenít going to have fun. We offer a lot in the community and not everybody utilizes it.

    What is the best type of cheese?
    Pepperjack! Itís more than just cheese, itís got some spice to it! I love all cheeses. It always comes back to pepper jack though. Itís what I put on my sandwiches. I always get the sweet onion teriyaki sandwich from Subway, it's amazing with pepper jack cheese.

    Have you ever made mac and cheese with it?
    No! It sounds like an award-winning idea though. Weíre gonna make some money with that one. Spicy Mac and Cheese. I love mac and cheese. One of the best dishes in the Navy is to take mac and cheese and mix it with sloppy joes!

    What are your top 5 favorite memories in XG

    #1 Getting into the community. When in high school I never had internet. When I got online, a friend that I was in school with recruited me. I had the best first online experience and was introduced so quickly to so many people I could game with on Black Ops 2.

    #2 Promotion to Captain. That's when I first started getting into leadership. Being able to choose my squad name, recruiting, guiding, teaching people about the community.

    Do you think people still get that same enjoyment now?
    Yes and No. I think the community and Xbox world has changed a lot as far as what people take and/or get out of it. Nobody just gets on the box any more just to game and talk to people.

    #3 The time between being a Captain and becoming a General. There was a mass exodus with a lot of them being my friends. I had to make a decision to stay or go. Instead of choosing to follow, I had to get the facts about what was going on. Once I did that, I came to the realization that you canít believe the hype. Iíve been here ever since.

    #4 Promotion to General. I was the boss! I got to run my own clan that I loved so much! At that time, I didnít have a lot of XS involvement. I got to make all the decisions. As a General, you get to be so involved in all the members. You get to have an influence in the experience that they get in the community. Itís all up to you to choose what you do with it. I loved being able to give people the best experience.

    #5 Experience as an XD. Itís kind of like being a General except for your decisions and your influence affects the entire division. I view Section Leader and up almost as being Quality Control. As a Division Leader, youíre responsible for quality control over the division. You get a lot of experience with XS making sure they are getting the right training and experience as well as giving it to their sections, I get to shape the leadership of that division. I had a lot of personal growth during my time as an XD. I made a lot of changes in how to do things. When you get promoted, it's really easy to turn into someone your not. When I was first promoted, the situations that I was faced with turned me into a really aggressive person. Not because I wanted to be a **** but more because I cared so much. I wanted everything to be perfect.

    What was your turning point? My peers. They hated me at times but we got through it. We all had differences with each other but we had to learn to work through them and move forward. XGC Penguin XC, a good friend, would have many tense and aggressive conversations with me as well about being a **** to people along with self-revelation.

    How many shenanigans have you dealt with in your XG career?
    I cannot count how many. It's a lot. Moving into leadership is not always fun when you have to deal with shenanigans. Dealing with drama, poor decision making, racism, discriminatory situations come up. Iíve had to deal with them all. I have kicked and or demoted someone from every rank in the community for various reasons. It all goes back to quality control. Iíd like to get on and game but I canít always do that. Iíve accepted this position in leadership, therefore Iíve accepted to handle these situations as they arise and remove people that are negative and create bad experiences for the rest of the community. I think of it that way!

    What is your favorite food?
    Pepper Jack cheese! Chinese food really. There's nothing better than some good pork fried rice and sesame chicken.

    Will you ever practice your Top Golf swing?
    The only golf Iíve ever played with Putt-Putt Golf. I do plan on going back to Florida and visiting 007 & TFlem again assuming we play again I hope to get better.

    Did you play any sports? I played football until high school. I played to have fun but once high school football hit it was all about what your last name was and winning. A lot of favoritism was involved and I didnít enjoy the environment. I did play Track & Field.

    Would you rather be on Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune?
    At this point, the difference was explained.
    I donít think I would be good at either one. I guess Wheel of Fortune.

    Yes! Iím sure I've watched them at some point but it took me a minute to realize what it was. I havenít had TV in a while. Itís too expensive. Iím all about Netflix and cheap sources of entertainment . . . .

    If you could replace an actor in any well known/popular movie, what would you like to star in?
    That's hard because I'm not good with actor's names. The dude that played in the first spiderman movie - HIM! He's a horrible actor and needs to be replaced. Tobey McGuire. Iíve always hated him and he is so weird.

    Are you replacing him because heís a bad actor or because you're jealous he got to make out with Kirsten Dunst?
    Iím definitely jealous but he was a terrible actor. The new spiderman guy - heís dumb and annoying but a good actor.

    You said this almost as if you knew him personally.
    Iíve seen a YouTube video of him before doing lots of backflips. He can do all his own stunts and that's awesome.

    What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    WTF is that?
    Google came into play at this point
    I guess it's a bird. I don't know, this might take some research here. This is a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
    We both watch the YouTube video
    Monty walks onto a bridge, looks like an old man asking the questions . . which one do you mean a European or some other swallow and then the old man gets kicked off the bridge - as fast as a honda civic.

    Why do you laugh maniacally when bullying people in Smite and other games?
    At this point, I am bullied due to my pronunciation of Maniacally.
    I don't ever bully people in Smite because I suck. I also donít laugh maniacally but I should!
    Lie again.

    If you had any advice currently in XG for anyone, what would it be?
    PLAY GAMES! Get on and play games. Donít worry about everything that goes on in the community. Remember why we are here. You get out of the community what you put into it. If you get caught up in the drama that goes - which happens no matter where you are - then you are getting away from the reason as to why you originally joined. Get online, game, and have fun. Donít get caught up in the other ****.
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