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Game with Fame Interview - July 2019 - XGC StoopKid XD


  • Game with Fame Interview - July 2019 - XGC StoopKid XD

    Want to learn some more about the rabbit hustling, Halo die-hard Division Leader? Read below to find out about his favorite movie, how many times he's died in Blackout because a teammate was too busy grabbing a paint can, and much more!

    Standard Questions
    What was your very first gamertag?

    Tell us your Xiled Gaming clan history, up to where you are now.
    My first clan was XGC Legacy and I made it up to sergeant, then we split into XGC Immortals, I transferred to XGC 82nd Airborne, and then transferred to XGC New Dynasty and became General in New Dynasty. Left and came back to XGC Good Game as a Lieutenant to Captain, and then we clan split into XGC Supremacy and I became a General. The rest is history.

    What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
    1. Trustworthy
    2. Loyal
    3. Straightforward

    What advice would you give to someone who wanted to move up into leadership?
    Donít get involved in drama. Also that the sky is the limit, if you work towards your goals you can achieve them as long as you put your mind to it.

    What is the one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?
    Have fun! If you arenít having fun in the rank youíre in or in the community, you need to figure out whatís wrong. The whole point of joining the community is to have fun.

    What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?
    The T-shirts.

    What game were you recruited on, when joining XG?
    Halo 2.

    What made you want to move into leadership?
    I wanted to make a place where gamers can go where they can get away from the bs outside. Get online and have somewhere they can forget about their outside life and enjoy themselves. They can get on every day and shoot the **** with similar gamers and not deal with bs and drama.

    Has anything in the community impacted your real life? And vice versa?
    The leadership skills Iíve gained from Xiled Gaming Iíve used in real life. I became a manager at Arbyís after I was a leader in XG, and I used those skills when running the floor.

    What is your favorite color?

    What is your favorite retro game? (Before Xbox 360 era)
    Snake Rattle & Roll on the original Nintendo.

    If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would you want to meet?
    Betty White.

    Who is your favorite singer/band?

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Honey Bunches of Oats with milk.

    Community Questions

    What are your top 5 favorite memories in Xiled Gaming? (from XGC Taurus XD)

    1. When I was promoted to XD.
    2. Watching Hylandr kick someone out.
    3. Being promoted to XS.
    4. Producing my first XS - SacredChaos24.
    5. Playing Shots & Rescue with Tantaliz and Taurus. We had to speak in a different voice than our normal voice and we were getting slightly intoxicated, it was the first game night I had been in and it was awesome.

    Who are some members you look up to? (from XGC BUCS XD)
    XGC Hylandr XC, XGC Coop XC and XGC Wreck XC.

    Would you ever have a rabbit as a pet? (from XGC Taurus XD)
    I pretty much have 4,000 pets that I take care of every day.
    But no, because theyíre sadistic son of a *****es.

    How long have you been training XGC Taurus XD in blackout? (from XGC MuH ReeN)
    Since the game came out. I taught him how to play.

    How many times have you died due to a paint can being most important, and who is most likely to let you die for a paint can XGC Buffy XD or XGC BUCS XD? (from XGC MuH ReeN)
    Every other match. And probably XGC Buffy XD.

    If you took over the world who would be your right hand? (Choice must be made with someone from within the community) (from XGC MuH ReeN)

    Who is more likely to die in duos first, you or XGC Taurus XD? (from XGC MuH ReeN)
    Probably me because Taurus likes to hide in bathrooms.

    What is one thing you miss from the old days that was either changed or they stopped doing in XG? (from XGC MuH ReeN)
    I miss doing clan promotions. We would go into a custom game and have a ceremony of them being promoted with the rest of their clan present around them. There would be an aisle going down the middle, the XS and General would be standing next to them with either a sword or hammer, depending on which Halo was out at the time. They'd announce the member, they'd walk up the aisle and to the platform and make a speech and then get shot. Everyone would aim their guns up in the air and fire and then we'd have a huge game night and celebrate their promotion.

    Who recruited you? (from XGC MuH ReeN)
    Even though nobody will know this name for the most part, it was OldSchoolTommy. The person who introduced me to the community was XGC Hylandr XC but I didn't join for another year after I met him.

    How many bunnies have met their maker due to you? (from XGC Coop XC)
    Probably 10,000 or more.

    What was your first impression of the community when you joined? (from KoG Drifdar XD)
    I was really excited, because I used to only play solo and when I got to actually game with others I was super happy to have people to game with, and I was eager to move up in the ranks.

    What is your favorite video game, regardless of console? (from KoG Drifdar XD)
    Halo 2.

    How did you come up with your leadership name? (from KoG Drifdar XD)
    I was conflicted on names when I was a captain. I had my squad pick my name. I wrote down names I liked and I couldn't decide between them, so we did a poll to decide and they picked StoopKid.

    What is your drive to be the leader you are and what pushes your passion? (from SYN x Brave)
    To be able to get new leadership where they want to be. I get excited when I see new leaders progress and better themselves, even if they doubted themselves and what they can do. I see the potential people have, and when they reach it that is exciting for me.

    What is your favorite movie of all time?
    The Land Before Time - I used to watch that movie every day when I was a kid.

    Final Words
    Why is the rum always gone?

    Come join XGC Buffy XD and XGC StoopKid XD for July's Game with Fame!
    Where: Rainbow 6: Siege
    When: Friday, July 26th @ 9pm EST
    How: Message XGC Buffy XD for an invite!

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