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    Let's All Congratulate SYN MADHAT4128 on his promotion to General over SYN BROTHERHOOD !!!

    Here's a guy who never imagined himself in a gaming community , let alone rising to the rank of General in one, Now look at him .
    SYN MADHAT4128 joined the community on October, 5th, 2018, he was trained under SYN Bucken, While in SYN Devil Dogs he has displayed countless hours of hard work and dedication as he worked himself thru the ranks, to become a respected member to his clan, as well as the community.
    This promotion is well deserved, I expect to see great things form SYN MADHAT4128.

      SYN SKYEE commented
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      Congratulations on your promotion! Well done!

    • SYN Aquatic XS
      SYN Aquatic XS commented
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      I'm so proud of you homie congrats

      SYN SNOW XS commented
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      congratulations on your promotion !!
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