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Game with Fame Interview - SYN Ribon XS


  • Game with Fame Interview - SYN Ribon XS

    Standard Questions

    What was your very first gamertag?

    Ribon66. I think it was from Club Penguin or something? Not sure.

    Tell us your Xiled Gaming clan history including when you were recruited and by whom, up to where you are now.

    I was recruited shortly after my birthday, in July 2016. I was recruited by SYN Fireball into SYN Mafia. One of my friends I played Black Ops 2 Zombies with was in the clan and kept bugging me to join, so after a few weeks I was finally talked into it. I was chosen for LT by someone who was captain that didn't want to be a captain. His goal was to train someone to take his spot so he could step down, so that's what happened. Some things happened with my general SYN Fireball and I stepped up into the general's position when he stepped down. SYN Zachman was my XS and was promoted really soon after we got him. We went without an XS for a bit, then we got SYN Major and that didn't last very long either. I was promoted to XS almost two years ago, in 2017.

    What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
    • Be fun to be around, people should enjoy your company.
    • Be compassionate and sympathetic to some degree, but at the same time firm with what you say to people and hold them accountable for their responsibilities.

    What has been your most memorable moment in Xiled Gaming?

    When I was promoted to General.

    What is the one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?

    Have fun & play games!

    What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?

    The effect it can have on people. In the sense that it can provide such a massive boost in confidence for some, and it even can carry into real life. My family always says it's just a game, it's just Xbox, and that the chats we do in parties aren't real conversations, but they are. For me personally, I was always shy but I've become more confident since joining and that's why I love the community.

    What game were you recruited on, when joining XG?

    Black Ops 2.

    What made you want to move into leadership?

    I genuinely don't ever remember having a desire to go into leadership, it never even crossed my mind. It honestly just kinda happened because of my desire to help people and the rest is history.

    What is your favorite retro game?

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would you want to meet?

    My great-grandma. We have loads of weird family sayings and I want to know where they came from.

    What is your favorite song currently?

    X Gon Give To Ya by DMX.

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Crisps. Any flavor.

    Community Questions

    If you could have any animal as a pet what would you choose? (from SYN Lewd XS)

    A cat.

    What's your favorite color and what's your least favorite? (from SYN Lewd XS)

    Favorite: Cool colors like purple, or green-blue.
    Least Favorite: Greenish brown.

    If you could only take one thing with you anywhere/everywhere what would it be? (from SYN Lewd XS)

    My cats.

    Do you prefer regular milk or chocolate milk? (from SYN Lewd XS)

    Chocolate milk. Why did Lewd feel the need to ask such a stupid question?

    How did you feel about the community when you first joined? (from SYN CandySlayer)

    When I joined I didn't really think about the community, I really only knew the people in my clan and my squad.

    Did you ever think you would become an XS? (from SYN CandySlayer)

    Depends what time you were referring to. When I first joined, no, because I honestly didn't think about it. The only time I actually thought about it was after I had been promoted to general.

    What advice can you give others that want to move forward in the community? (from SYN CandySlayer)

    Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and your clan. Don't just start an argument, but if someone says something and you have a good reason not to do it, say so. Don't follow orders blindly. Have fun!

    What is the biggest thing you do not understand about Americans? (from KoG Drifdar XD)

    I heard from my neighbor that 10% of Americans believe zombies are real. I don't know how that's possible.

    What is the biggest thing Americans do not understand about Britons? (from KoG Drifdar XD)

    The fact that Britain is not a country, it's multiple countries. There's no such thing as a British accent, accents are from multiple countries.

    Who is your hero? (from KoG Drifdar XD)

    KoG Drifdar XD.

    What is your goal in life? (from KoG Drifdar XD)

    My goals are generally small because I don't know what I want to do yet, I'm still in university so I don't know what I want to do for work. At the moment, to get through university in one piece.

    What's the biggest thing you strive for in the community? (from SYN Melody x)

    To make the community a place where people can grow and have fun.

    What's something you wish you would have known before becoming an XS? (from SYN Melody x)

    I would have liked it if the XS's at the time were more around and available.

    Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time? (from SYN Melody x)

    Having completed university and still be alive. Also, to have more cats.

    Do you like pineapple on your pizza? (from SYN Melody x)

    Absolutely not.

    What is your opinion on catapults? (from SYN Cinder)

    They're cool. Can't say I've ever really thought about them in everyday life.

    Who is your favorite Pokemon? (from SYN Cinder)

    Totodile. He's adorable and fierce at the same time.

    What would you do if your cat could talk? (from SYN Cinder)

    I would say talk to it, but I already do that. I guess have a conversation with them where I'd actually understand what they were saying.

    What is your favorite ice cream flavor? (from SYN Cinder)

    Honeycomb ice cream.
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