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  • Ace combat: 1st open quarterly elimination tournament

    Second Update(14MAY2019): In light of the difficulty of pilots organizing their teams, we will make the registration for this tournament Open. with a minimum of 8 teams. Once we have 8 teams registered, we will then set up the tournament bracket and begin the first leg of the tournament.

    Update: Due to the misinformation and rumors around the Ace Combat Gaming Community (not XG) by non-officials of this tournament as well as non-members of our Ace Combat community. This tournament's registration has been extended by two weeks. Registration will close on 11MAY2019. In addition to this update, and in light of this being our first Open Tournament. We have decided to increase the prize pool for the winners of this Open Tournament.

    Open Tournament Definition: Open invitation for all players of the game, from Xiled Gaming Community Members to ALL NON-Community members alike to enter and participate in a competitive tournament with a real prize.

    Closed Tournament Definition: Xiled Gaming Members only. Only members of Xiled Gaming are invited to participate.

    Once a Quarter Xiled Gaming will be hosting an Open Elimination Tournament for all to join. Each tournament will be different. Each Tournament will have a single pay out to the winning team with a Grand Prize of $100 split 4 ways, however for this first tournament only, the grand prize will be $200 total split 4 ways ($50 per teammate) in the form of XBOX Microsoft Points Gift Cards.
    All OPEN Quarterly Tournaments are FREE to enter and participate in for all those interested, from Xiled Gaming Members, and friends of the community to all those who want to play the game competitively.

    The 1st Open Quarterly Elimination Tournament will be set in "2250 Score" Rated Aircraft, Special Weapons: "Active." Match Type "Teams" of 4 vs. 4.Map: Roca Roja.
    Each match must have a warm up round between their teams respective opponents to ensure connectivity before the official match begins, thus allowing each team to call in an alternate member should the need arise.

    NOTE: The Open Tournaments will have no bearing on league scores.

    Each team will have a minimum of 4 pilots. No minimum on Alternates.
    NOTE: Prize Pay out of this Tournament is done in increments of 4 $50 Microsoft Points Gift Cards each (rare exceptions can be made, but don't count on it), with codes to be PMed through this sites PM system ONLY. It is solely up to the team leads on who gets those gift cards should that team win the tournament if alternates were used. Upon the team lead stating who get's the prizes in their teams respective thread with each team participant confirming this decision, they will then be Private Messaged their Prize by XGC IR0NFIST XS, and confirm publicly in their teams respective thread that they have received their prize. Failure to comply with this instruction or be dishonest about receipt will be cause for permanent banning from future open tournaments.

    The Open Tournaments will observe the same evolving rules found "HERE."

    Registration Ends on the 28th of April, 2019.

    The target completion time for this tournament will be two weeks after registration. Exceptions to this target time may be adjusted after registration.

    All registered Team Leads will get with Tournament Officials and their assigned opponents to schedule their match.

    For further details go HERE!
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