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    KoG Yoshi
    on his promotion to

    A little back history on KoG Yoshi

    was recruited into Xiled Gaming on 12.04.15 into SYN DevilDogs.
    As a new member, he quickly climbed up the ranks from recruit to General in less than 2months under SYN Lakota XS.

    After 4months of being General, KoG Yoshi was promoted to Section Leader.

    During his time as Section Leader, he decided to take short break from the community and then came back under
    SYN Oogie XS
    section but transferred back into SYN DevilDogs before transferring to SYN Delta.

    SYN Delta was then moved to over to KoG and therefore the name was changed to KoG Delta where it split off into KoG Ravenous where he was Captain over KoG Ravenous Wolfpack squad.

    KoG Yoshi joined KoG Rogue on October2018 and shortly afterwards became Lieutenant under KoG kidChops before being promoted to Captain of Rogue's second squad named Arctic.

    Through the ups and downs in KoG Rogue, time after time, KoG Yoshi has proven his ability to lead by training fellow members how to be a leader and how to lead by example. Continuously stepping up and encouraging all members, new and old.

    On March 31st, 2019,
    KoG Yoshi was promoted to General over KoG Rogue with 51 active members and two squads.


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      Congratulations on your promotion keep up the hard work

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