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    Want to learn some more about SYN LadyRebl XS, the Sims loving, horse riding, country music loving section leader? Keep reading and learn about her favorite singer, her tips for being a great leader, and more!

    Standard Questions

    What was your very first gamertag?
    XxKatieBugXx18. The number 18 was my number in softball from Middle School & High School, and I go by Katie in real life.

    Tell us your Xiled Gaming clan history including when you were recruited and by whom, up to where you are now.
    I was recruited into SYN Supernova under SYN KayKat, who was my general when I joined. Cluster, Fat Jesus, SYN Vader XS and SYN iSykosis were the people who all together convinced me to join. I was originally in Elite Squad under SYN Orbital. He split out of Supernova and became the general of SYN Titans, and I then become captain of Immortals Squad where I split out and became general of SYN Serenity. About 4 months after I was promoted to general, I did a clan split to SYN Erebus where SYN Vader became general of the new clan. Shortly after that I was promoted to XS and Iíve been XS ever since, for about a year now.

    What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
    1. Being patient Ė not everything will ever go your way all the time. Youíll never get the same thing every time you deal with an issue and patience will go a long way when solving issues.
    2. Understanding Ė sometimes things happen and itís out of everyoneís control. These things happen and you just learn to roll with it.
    3. Critical Thinking Ė make the best decision and think about the long term when doing so.

    What advice would you give to someone who wanted to move up into leadership?
    Donít be afraid to ask questions and figure out why you are where you are. Put yourself out there and be confident in what you have to say and in any decisions you make, no matter what. Be outgoing, not shy!

    What has been your most memorable moment in Xiled Gaming, and why?
    When I was promoted to XS. I had run out of Xbox Live and one of my members bought Xbox Live for me, and that same night I was invited to a BO2 lobby with Karma, KayKat, Retro, Sappy, Jordan and Eminence. I thought that Eminence was a female because of his name and nobody ever used gender pronouns when they talked about him, so I found out that night when he talked that he was definitely not a female. That was the most memorable, but thereís been so many memorable moments it was hard to pick.

    What is the one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?
    Real life comes first. It always has and it always will. If someone canít understand that, they should probably reevaluate their life.

    What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?
    The community as a whole, because weíre all in different divisions but at the end of the day if people come at us or anyone in XG, we unite as a community together. Weíre a big family at the end of the day.

    What game were you recruited on, when joining XG?
    Black Ops 2.

    What made you want to move into leadership?
    When I first joined, I didnít even think about being in leadership, I honestly didnít think I was going to be on Xbox more than 3 months. I had just bought a 3-month gold card and then when it ran out I thought I was going to be done. After time went on and I realized how much I was enjoying it, I got approached by SYN Vader XS and he said I really show leadership potential and wanted me to become a leader in the clan. He said he saw how people always wanted to come talk to me, and he was impressed by how much I put myself out there. And the rest is history.

    Has anything in the community impacted your real life? And vice versa?
    I really struggle with self-confidence outside Xbox, and I notice now that when I go out, I donít know why, but being where I am has given me a confidence boost and I find myself holding myself a little higher in public and being able to make eye contact with people. Vice versa, Iíve made friends in the community that I consider real friends, who Iím friends with on Facebook and who I call by their real name instead of their gamertag because of what good friends we are.

    What is your favorite color?
    Blue! Plus black. Any shade of blue.

    What is your favorite retro game? (Before Xbox 360 era)
    Assassinís Creed & The Sims.

    If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would you want to meet?
    Brett Eldridge. He is a beautiful specimen and I want to marry him.

    Who is your favorite singer/band?
    Garth Brooks.

    If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Carne Asada tacos from Super Taco. No cabbage.

    Community Questions

    How many naps do you take in a week? (from XGC BUCS XD)
    I used to take a nap every other day, like 3-4 days a week. Recently I havenít napped at all, for probably about a month and a half now since I started school in January.

    What's your favorite color horse? (from SYN Lewd)
    Sorrel Ė itís a reddish gold color.

    How many horses have you had? (from SYN Lewd)
    I have personally never owned a horse. Iím around them all the time but havenít ever owned one myself.

    Why is Sims one of your favorite games? (from SYN Lewd)
    I donít know, itís a relaxing game and I enjoy playing it.

    Do you prefer Cheetos? (from SYN Lewd)
    Only if I can have them in my momís basement. **(For details, ask SYN LadyRebl XS on Xbox)**

    What has been your biggest inspiration in XG, be it a member or an activity, etc? (from SYN Metal XS)
    My members, thereís a lot of people that look up to me and I want to keep going and not let them down.

    Is it bad luck to name your horse ďDog FoodĒ? (from XGC xTFLEMx XI)
    I wouldnít say that itís bad luck, but you would definitely get a lot of weird looks from other horse ownersÖ

    Does your chewing gum lose its flavor when you stick it on the bed post overnight? (from XGC xTFLEMx XI)
    I donít stick my chewing gum on the bed post overnight?

    What is your favorite flavor of poptart? #poptartevolution (from SYN Stiddy)
    The only ones I like are Símores. They are the only ones I will eat, cold or hot.

    What is your drive to continue to push as a leader? (from SYN x Brave)
    Iím not a quitter. Iíve never given up and donít plan on ever being oen. Iíve worked so hard to get here and I enjoy XG so much, I just want to keep helping to make it better.

    Have you always wanted to become a leader, or did it grow on you? (from SYN x Brave)
    I never wanted to be a leader until someone said I would be good at it. Iíve even been told my whole life that Iím a natural leader, but I never knew how much I would enjoy it until I got here.

    Closing Words:
    Stay classy, San Diego!

    Come join XGC Buffy XS and SYN LadyRebl XS for February's Game with Fame!
    Where: Call of Duty - Black Ops 4
    When: Saturday, February 16th @ 9pm EST
    How: Message XGC Buffy XS for an invite!
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