Family Matters
SYN MzzTemper’s Story

SYN MzzTemper was asked to join Xiled Gaming in late September 2016. She was recruited by SYN SUDDENSNAKE & xSIcxHITx into the clan SYN REAPERS.

Once she reached the rank of sergeant she realized SYN REAPERS wasn’t the right clan for her. She decided it was best for her to transfer to SYN ENVY 7 in April of 2017. This clan felt like a home to her. She then decided to become more active by participating in clan activities and recruiting.

Within two weeks she helped to rebuild the clan and received a promotion to Lieutenant in the Vendetta squad. She then became one of the top recruiters in the clan. The previous General SYN DVS456 XS dubbed her the “Mother” of the clan because she showed authority while always being available to help the clan in it’s times of need.

In early June 2017 Temper received a promotion to Captain and created the squad WARRIORS under SYN ENVY 7. For five months she helped the clan continue to build. After which, temper felt a need to take time away from Xiled Gaming for personal reasons. She stepped down and left the community for three weeks, then returned through Grass Wasn’t Greener. Once she returned to ENVY 7 she was more active hosting practices and recruiting. She was officially ENVY 7’s Mom again.

On November 20th, 2017 Temper was promoted to Captain once again of the Unknown squad. She hosted multiple practices for the upcoming Section Wars as well as the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. With her great leadership skills and encouragement her squad won the 50 dollar Siege Tournament as well as the 500 dollar Siege Tournament for Xiled Gaming. Her leadership skills and encouragement also helped her clan make it to the semi-finals in the 2018 Section Wars Battle.

On June 6th 2018 SYN MzzTemper was given the opportunity to become a general. She graciously accepted this new responsibility and is still serving as General of SYN ENVY 7. She would like to thank her mentor, SYN DVS456 XS for everything he’s done to help her to get to where she is now. Temper looks forward to progressing in Xiled Gaming for many years to come.