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    Gamertag: SYN MARI XS

    *~Read Before Posting~*

    DO NOT REQUEST IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE PATIENT! Banners and signatures posted in the request forum are priority!

    Howdy, Thank You for Visiting my Design Forum. If you are interested in a design, post a thread in my design forum with the following information:

    Signature Size:
    Dimensions: 500 x 200 pixels

    Clan & Leader Banner Size:
    Dimensions: 400 x 75 pixels

    Other Formats & Sizes

    *~Request Format~*
    1.Type of Signature or Banner:
    (ex. Clan Banner or Personal Signature)
    2. Name and additional text to be used for Image:
    (ex. "SYN Clan") / (ex. I want it to also say, "SYN Clan, Blue Squad Captain")
    3. Theme or your preferred image of the signature:
    (ex. Halo, COD, Anime, Music) / (ex. I want to use this image:
    4. Color Style (Optional)
    (ex. I want a dark themed sig, I want my sig to have an orange tint)
    5. Animated: Yes or No
    ** Animation is limited to XD, XC, XI and Clan Banners, and signatures upon personal request**
    (If you request an animation please work with me closely and be open to ideas)

    *~SYN MARI XSs Rules and Guidelines~*

    1. Requesting: Post a Thread in My Design Forum and provide information above. If incomplete or i have questions, you have 1 Week to get back to me.

    2. Communication: You have 1 week to reply to any question. All comments will be kept in posted thread you made. If i get no reply, your request will be denied.

    3. Patience: I am a section leader, designer and a journalist. Please be patient when requesting a design. I work on designs weekly Friday-Sunday.

    4. Design Edits: If any work needs to be edited (Name change, colors, etc.) please post in the Design Edits Thread.

    5. Copy Right: If I can not edit an image due to copyright issue or possible copyright issue, The request will be denied And i will work with you to create a proper design.

    *~Design Guidelines~*

    Avatars, Signatures, Clan and Leader Banners are provided to allow members to add a custom/personal touch to their Posts, Clan and Leader Forums. There are a few guidelines which all members must follow, remember this is a privilege.

    No nudity, violent, graphic, illegal or racist images/logos/words. Please keep it PG-13.
    No derogatory, or offensive Avatars/Signatures are allowed.
    Profile pics are limited to 250x250 pixels in size with a maximum file size of 204kb.
    All forum members are allowed to upload one (1) image and up to five (5) lines of text for use in signatures.
    Signatures linking to a business are not allowed unless approved by the Council.
    Avatars or Signatures containing references to drugs, and/or drug use is not allowed (unless for legitimate drug awareness purposes).
    Section Leader Banners:
    There is a limit of one banner per six months per member or clan (Exception: New General or Edits to Existing Design Work - case by case basis).
    Animated banners are limited to XD, XC, XI, and Clan Banners ONLY
    Clan Banners:
    Format: PNG or GIF. (No JPEGS)
    Max File Size: 500kb
    File Name: Must match clan name, all in lowercase, and with no spaces.
    Member must have 25 posts or more to request a signature unless being requested in a Designers personal forums.
    Once a signature has been completed, a minimum of 60 days must past before requesting a new one. (Edits can be made if clan or rank has changed)
    Individuals who have purchased specific active website Subscriptions can have multiple signatures. Multiple requests may be made. (1 every 2 weeks from the time signature is picked up)
    Format: PNG or GIF. (No JPEGS)
    Max File Size: 120kb (File size does not apply if linked and not imported)
    File Name: Must match members name, all in lowercase, and with no spaces.
    Max File Size: 120kb
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