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    *~Read Before Posting~*

    Howdy, Thank You for Visiting my Design Forum. If you are interested in a design, post a thread in my design forum with the following information:

    Signature Size:
    Dimensions: 500 x 200 pixels

    Clan & Leader Banner Size:
    Dimensions: 400 x 75 pixels

    Other Formats & Sizes

    *~Request Format~*
    1.Type of Signature or Banner:
    (ex. Clan Banner or Personal Signature)
    2. Name and additional text to be used for Image:
    (ex. "SYN Clan") / (ex. I want it to also say, "SYN Clan, Blue Squad Captain")
    3. Theme or your preferred image of the signature:
    (ex. Halo, COD, Anime, Music) / (ex. I want to use this image:
    4. Color Style (Optional)
    (ex. I want a dark themed sig, I want my sig to have an orange tint)
    5. Animated: Yes or No
    ** Animation is limited to XD, XC, XI and Clan Banners**
    (If you request an animation please work with me closely and be open to ideas)

    *~SYN MARI XS’s Rules and Guidelines~*

    1. Requesting: Post a Thread in My Design Forum and provide information above. If incomplete or i have questions, you have 1 Week to get back to me.

    2. Communication: You have 1 week to reply to any question. All comments will be kept in posted thread you made. If i get no reply, your request will be denied.

    3. Patience: I am a section leader, designer and a journalist. Please be patient when requesting a design. I work on designs weekly Friday-Sunday.

    4. Design Edits: If any work needs to be edited (Name change, colors, etc.) please post in the Design Edits Thread.

    5. Copy Right: If I can not edit an image due to copyright issue or possible copyright issue, The request will be denied And i will work with you to create a proper design.

    *~Design Guidelines~*

    Avatars, Signatures, Clan and Leader Banners are provided to allow members to add a custom/personal touch to their Posts, Clan and Leader Forums. There are a few guidelines which all members must follow, remember this is a privilege.

    • No nudity, violent, graphic, illegal or racist images/logos/words. Please keep it PG-13.
    • No derogatory, or offensive Avatars/Signatures are allowed.
    • Profile pics are limited to 250x250 pixels in size with a maximum file size of 204kb.
    • All forum members are allowed to upload one (1) image and up to five (5) lines of text for use in signatures.
    • Signatures linking to a business are not allowed unless approved by the Council.
    • Avatars or Signatures containing references to drugs, and/or drug use is not allowed (unless for legitimate drug awareness purposes).
    Section Leader Banners:
    • There is a limit of one banner per six months per member or clan (Exception: New General or Edits to Existing Design Work - case by case basis).
    • Animated banners are limited to XD, XC, XI, and Clan Banners ONLY
    Clan Banners:
    Format: PNG or GIF. (No JPEGS)
    Max File Size: 500kb
    File Name: Must match clan name, all in lowercase, and with no spaces.
    • Member must have 25 posts or more to request a signature unless being requested in a Designers personal forums.
    • Once a signature has been completed, a minimum of 60 days must past before requesting a new one. (Edits can be made if clan or rank has changed)
    • Individuals who have purchased specific active website Subscriptions can have multiple signatures. Multiple requests may be made. (1 every 2 weeks from the time signature is picked up)
    Format: PNG or GIF. (No JPEGS)
    Max File Size: 120kb (File size does not apply if linked and not imported)
    File Name: Must match members name, all in lowercase, and with no spaces.
    Max File Size: 120kb
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