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    Reintroduction - Ghost Player No More

    Hi all, this is a reintroduction of myself, i joined this community a couple of years ago; Originally from London, i have now moved on alot since i was last around.

    I've moved....! Not to a cardboard box of my dreams, but something very close to a cardboard box and it's idealistic ways, Georgia. I don't mean that in the worst way possible, but my wife could have chosen Florida at least
    But yes, anyone who does remember me from when i was here last, i'm no longer on the market as a charming englishman now, a disgruntled englishman who is living in a foreign land, married and has a step son and a daughter on the way in T-Minus 1 Week!

    So, why the reintroduction?

    E3 gets my thrusters all fired up, but also reminds me what a gaming community is like and how much i've missed a good one! I love my wife is a huge gamer like me, but sometimes i use my gaming as my personal paradise and sanctuary! So here is a list of games i play and usernames, you will all add me and get involved! ok? OK!

    Also before i do, if someone can spot an Admin that i need a name change to better suit my xbox Gamertag IF its needed, otherwise read over this and lets continue;

    PC -

    League of Legends - NA - OGxFUBAR

    ......thats it; 6 year veteran tho, Gold Player at my Peak, so if anyone plays this is or knows a friend who plays get them to hit me up also!

    Xbox - Gamertag; ODxHolmes
    Original Detective if anyone wants to know, and yes, Watson has already been filled as a occupation sorry!

    Elder Scrolls Online - NA Servers - BETA Tester Veteran to this game however, still not lvl 750! I have too much time to stand around and look at mudcrabs.

    Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Siege - This is a way weathered friend, im on and off and usually play with my drinking buddy and godfather to my child is around, but you'll find me on more if you invite me!

    Welp thats all the games i play; however because of E3 this year i will be venturing in to the following;

    Fallout 76
    Battlefield V
    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (my first COD game since blops 3)
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Cyberpunk 2077 (possibly)

    This is to name a few, but please HMU EVERYONE! it's been too long since i was here last and being involved.

    I'm still designing graphics, and have also reached a decade and a half in graphic designing, so you may catch me around that area as im looking for some pass the time design pieces!

    Also finally catch me on Discord;


    peace out
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    Hey man, welcome back to the community, I'm the general over XGC Illusive, we have 2 Rainbow 6 Siege Squads, if you are looking for a clan to join then you can come play a few games with us and see if we are a good fit for you, hit up XGC Sixkiller, XGC Dauntless, Mr CatUnd3ad, XGC Rosez, tey are the leadership over the 2 squads. If things don't work out then we can always find somewhere else for you

    Happy Gaming Man!!!!!

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    XGC Touch XS

    XGC Illusive

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