Following a speedy and rather boring 4 hour content let down of Assassin’s Creed DLC “The Hidden Ones”, we could finally sit down and enjoy a much more expansive and far more interesting play through in the latest DLC release “Curse of the Pharaos”. Despite the release date being set back from its original date March 6, the game forced myself, along with countless other fans to wait an agonizing wee until it finally release on console March 13. I couldn’t say any other game could have made it more worth the anticipation!

Curse of the Pharaos has everything I could have asked for and I am just as guaranteed any other fan of Assassin’s Creed: Origin would agree. Without giving any plot details away or throwing any spoilers out there out of respect for those who have yet to play/finish it I will tread lightly discussing the storyline. That being said, taking place many years after “The Hidden Ones”. You begin again as Bayek who learns of dead King’s of Egypt walking in the lands and along this brilliantly drawn out story line taking place in new lands both among the living and of the dead. It is a must that any fans conutinue their Assassin’s Creed:Origins experience with “Curse of the Pharaos”.

There is not a single chapter or even mere fragment of this expansion that you will find disappointing. From the vast regions and locations to explore; the ongoing additions to Arsenal collections as well new gear upgrade slots with main gear adding five new slots and secondary gear equipment with three new slots, all of which require an entirely new material introduced; all comes down to upisoft ultimately working as hard as they can to makes sure people like use are satisfied and I can rest assured that this new DLC will leave everyone that plays just that, satisfied.
I know I most definitely am!