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    [Xbox One] Moderator's Class - 6/2/18

    XGC Phantom XD will be conducting a Moderator's Class Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at 9:00pm EST. on the Xbox One in a Xbox Live Party Chat.

    • This class has 10 spots available, and is open to any General/Section Leader in Xiled Gaming.
    • The first 10 members to sign up will be placed on a roster and anyone after that the members will be placed on a "back up list."
    • Please be sure you have XGC Phantom XD added on Xbox Live

    DO NOT SIGN UP if you cannot make it. If an emergency comes up, it is your responsibility to inform me that you will not make it to the class.

    Be ready to take notes.

    This class will take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, so make sure you have the time to dedicate to being at the class the whole time or you will have to retake the class.

    - Phantom

    Please provide the following information upon signup:

    How Long You've Been A General:
    Who your Section Leader is:

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    My XG History:
    KoG Killer Bee (Recruit - Captain: 2007)

    SYN Ground Zero (Lieutenant - General: 2009)
    SYN Empire (General: 2009)
    SYN Wrath (General: 2009)
    SYN Section Leader (2009 ~ 2012)
    SYN Division Leader (2012 ~ 2013)

    XGC Apocalypse (Captain: 2014)
    XGC Ground Zero (General: 2014~2015)
    XGC Section Leader (2015 ~ 2016)
    XGC Division Leader (2016: Current)

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    Gamertag: SYN K0cKl3S
    Clan: SYN Vindicators
    Ive been a General for 2 weeks
    My section learder is SYN Freya XS

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    Nov 2017
    Syracuse ny

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    Gamertag: SYN Pewter
    SYN Pewter
    SYN Rapture
    General for a month
    SYN Freya XS

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