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Need a clan

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I need a clan so if anyone needs a recruit message me my gt is IZZArAp420

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  1. SYN Blurry XS's Avatar
    Feel free to hit me up and I can help find you a home
  2. A7XMarlboros's Avatar
    Feel free to holler at me, we are always looking for new members. XGC Parogons,
  3. XGC Zionn's Avatar
    Feel free to message me anytime I’m the general over XGC Bad Company and I can get you set up with a clan that’s right for you!!
    GT: XGC Zionn
  4. SYNxMoneyShotx's Avatar
    If you haven't found a home yet, feel free to hit me up. I'm a general over SYN Inferno and we are always happy to take in anyone that needs a place in the community.
  5. SYN QueenBee88's Avatar
    If you still need a home feel free to message me am the general over SYN Purgatory