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Rip Mac Miller

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This is a bit late of a blog but I needed to write something about a HipHop Artist who just recently passed away and affected millions in my generation with his music.

Mac Miller
was an American rapper, singer, and record producer. He was 26 years old and passed away from drugs. I personally know a lot of people in my life who passed away from drugs or are still going through the battle of addiction. Itís tough and very sad. Make sure when you see someone struggling donít just sit there and watch get up and help save a life. You never know what battle someone is going through always be nice and humble. Although people make there own decision with chosen to do them, there mind set is weak and canít think so thatís why a helping hand can save a life and lead people to a happier place and help them fight their demons. After Mac Miller passed away I have gotten over 6 to 7 text messages from close friends and people I havenít spoken to in years, I was a bit confused to why so many people texted me about this. I then asked each person why did you think of me when Mac miller passed away? Then my friends told me because John (which is me) we have so many memories growing up listening to his music and you were always that one guy who would always blasted his music no matter what and the memories we have with listening to his music with you we will always Remember. Each friend then shared memories of Fun times when his music came on and one memorie a friend brought up is when I tried rapping over his beat of his song rap Diablo and it was one of the funniest moments ever. Over the years I didnít listen to Mac Miller as much because my taste of music changes a lot because I like all music. Growing up listening to Mac always made the melody of the party better and always made us happy. His music was good and got me through some tough times and Iím very sad one of my favorite Artists has passed away. As I read more and more about his passing, I learned that he really did have a huge impact on the hiphop Game and my generation. Rest easy Mac your music will always be remembered and playing! For anyone who reads this never sit back and be the person who watches be the one to change someoneís life for the better be humble and be nice.

Mac Miller is a Legend. ďEnjoy the best things in your life cuz you ainít gonna get to live it twice.Ē

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