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Exciting Week Ahead!

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To say Im really excited and pumped would be an understatement. Today is the day I leave for LA in California for E3 week for a second straight year. But its gonna be better than before. This year in addition to family, I have a couple BFFs, coworkers, & my girlfriend going with me. And well be cosplaying during the E3 show as well! We have a couple days before the conferences start to go to Universal Studios & Disneyland. Were going to the major conferences as well during the weekend, as well as going to see the Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra. Aside from exploring LA some more Im super hyped for whats going to be shown this year at E3 and I get to see it all in person!! Im so excited I feel like screaming!

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  1. XGC HABS FAN's Avatar
    lucky (explicit) lol have fun!