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Blog 24

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I wanted to write this yesterday, but work prevented that. It has been 4 years and one day since I agreed to join a group of kids in a gaming community. After being gamed with four 4 days, and with several attempts to recruit me, and saying no several times, I was finally convinced by SYN Gambi to join the clan that he was in, and become a part of something better than playing with random players all of the time. I was told that they would have to read me in, and get me registered on their website. I was guided through the process without a hitch, and became a recruit in SYN Mafia. It was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of people, a lot of characters, all sorts of personalities, and everyone had one thing in common, they all loved playing Xbox. It was at times surreal. I was 51 years old at the time, and my captain was a slightly shy 16 year old girl, and my XS was a 19 year old guy with an unforgettable accent. The many people that I met in SYN Mafia started my journey in Xiled Gaming, and it is hard to believe that this much time has passed. Since my introduction to this community, I have worked my way up in the ranks, being General of SYN Mafia, then a Section Leader on the 360, then making it to Division Leader in SYN, going back down to Section Leader on the Xbox One, and recently moving to KoG to help rebuild this division. Many people have come and gone in the past four years, and some are forgotten, but most are remembered fondly for the fun and good times that have taken place. Xiled Gaming is my home on the Xbox, and for all the people that I have met, for all the people that I have tried to help, for all of the people that have helped me, for everything that happened, I am grateful to be a small part of this wonderful community.

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  1. SYN Stiddy's Avatar
    Happy 4 year, Drifdar!
  2. SYN SAVANT IV's Avatar
    Well said, Drifdar. I'm sure it goes without saying that XG is happy to have you. Hell raiser that I was under your leadership, and though it may not seem so, I appreciate everything you did, and tried to do, for myself as well as SYN Elemental. KoG is lucky to have you.
  3. XGC TAURUS XD's Avatar
    Awesome man I hit my 11 year mark yesterday lol