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BluEydXBeauty’s Story

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Never give up
BluEydXBeauty Story

BluEydXBeauty was asked to join Xiled Gaming's SYN Division in July of 2016. She was recruited by SYN FIREBALL into the clan SYN MAFIA REAPERS.

BluEyXBeauty stayed in MAFIA REAPERS for two months. She unfortunately had to go inactive due to real life issues. She also wasn’t comfortable with the leadership in the clan at that time. Once she came back to the community in early 2017 she realized her clan had been shut down. BluEydBeauty was very upset when she found out that her Home clan had been disbanded.

In early February Blu found a new home that she is still with to this day, SYN SHIPWRECKED. She was re-recruited by DeathDealer who is unfortunately not with the community anymore. For the next couple of months she felt like she was a part of something more than a gaming community. She felt like she was a part of a family.

In early March 2017, Blu was offered a Lieutenant spot by imkrissy2u (SYN KRISSY XS). She accepted this promotion gladly. BluEydBeauty set an example by not missing a single clan meeting in SYN SHIPWRECKED.

By July 2017, Blu had finally made her way up to Captain of the Vikings Squad. Blu repaired the failing squad by using her true leadership skills. Later that month imkrissy2u became general. Blu helped her grow the clan to a whopping 100 members. She helped SYN SHIPWRECKED become the largest clan in Xiled Gaming at this time. With a clan having so many members some chaos started happening. The clan lost a Captain and a Lieutenant in the same night. Unfortunately this left a major bout of stress on Blu and Krissy but they made a recovery and two months later Blu finally had her chance to shine.

On New Years Eve, Blu got the best present she has ever received. Her own clan. Blu was now the general of SYN SHIPWRECKED and still is to this day. Blu is running a successful clan to this day with the help of her role model and mentor, SYN KRISSY XS, as well as several other amazing leaders in this community.

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