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Effort Breeds Reward

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Most things in life donít come free. You have to put in effort to get the things you want, and any surprises that lay under. For example, to earn money you have to work a job. Thatís fairly common right? But the thing is, in my eyes at least, you have to be patient. Donít be pushy. One step at a time. Nothing too demanding. Of course everyone has their own opinions. Rewards and surprises that come from effort come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. Sometimes they may not be material. To show what I mean by that, Iíll give a few examples of a few things thatís happened to myself over the past week.

Iíve worked 5 of the past 7 days with a broken leg, and Iíve just started back to work since I had the accident. Iíve been physically and mentally exhausted because Iím having to adjust to something completely new, which is working while injured. Itís just been so tiring I got to telling myself I couldnít do it, but I persevered and pushed through it. The reward? My girlfriend picks me up after work everyday and I get a nice date at the end of the week. Granted Iím not really in a position to be driving, but hopefully you understand. On top of that, Iím learning things for myself and the experience has made me tougher.

Iíve been binging the daylights out of Monster Hunter: World farming materials, streamstones, and gold crowns. Mainly the crowns as of late. For those that donít know the crowns are HEAVILY RNG based, but achievements come with them and Iím a bad achievement collector. Some monsters at the moment are causing me grief and I just wanted to give up and move on. But I kept going, and kept on the rigorous grind. Even if I make a bit of progress a day that counts for more than nothing. The reward? The satisfaction of knowing Iím that much closer to achieving my goal. The funny moments Iíve seen, such as recently a Barroth had a massive headbutt to slay a Diablos which was pretty hilarious. Also the cool people Iíve played with on the hunt.

This is honestly my personal favorite right here. Iíve been teaching my girlfriend sign language the past couple days. Itís been a process for sure. With her learning it and trying to understand it to help us, as ASL is my primary form of communication. She wanted to learn. ASL is how I communicate with my two kids, and theyíre still fairly young. The reward for teaching her? I got to experience a really emotional bonding moment with her and my kids, communicating to them via ASL. It just made me feel so warm inside.

Yeah. Hopefully that clears up my earlier statement, about how different rewards come from effort. If anything, I would say itís a lesson reinforced for myself, not learned.

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  1. XGC BUCS XD's Avatar
    Great read!!
  2. SYN Cinder's Avatar
    Glad you liked it. I like sharing my adventures and stories, but this was more of the principle behind it.
  3. XGC BUCS XD's Avatar
    Very well said