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News Team Article - Assassinís Creed: Rouge REMASTERED Review

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Assassinís Creed: Rogue

Four years ago while most everyone was waiting anxiously for the next Assassinís Creed game Unity to hit the marketplace, a select few who remained gaming on the Xbox 360 were waiting for Assassinís Creed: Rogue. Finally four years later those who had already moved on to the next gen consoles can now experience that long lost chapter with Assassinís Creed: Rogue REMASTERED. It serves as a story bridge between Assassinís Creed III and Assassinís Creed IV: Black Flag, as well as getting a chance to see another side of the Assassinís Creed a Templar agent.

The game begins with you playing the role of a young rookie Assassin named Shay Patrick Cormac. Shay, as an Assassin in the beginning of the game, shows to be a loyal dedicated member of the Creed. You happen to spend some time training in the beginning, following some scenes that takes you to a mission you must do for the Assassins. Soon you discover this mission causes Shay to unknowingly start the cause of an entire cities destruction, including the murder of all those innocent people living in that city. Now Shay finds himself severely disagreeing with the Assassins and questioning their morals and ways. The Assassins shoot him down writing him off as dead, not knowing a Templar was nearby and decided to save his life. Following Shayís questioning of the Creed and recent events with his life he begins to rise in the ranks of the Templar Order giving you the side of the storyline weíve all been wondering about. Assassinís Creed: Rouge REMASTERED is a much shorter story than your typical Assassinís Creed games. Though despite having a drastically shorter story it didnít make the game unworthy or noneventful by any means. I ended up really enjoying the overall story myself and personally deem it a MUST PLAY for people that enjoy these games.

Naturally, the combat and general gameplay like running and parkour made me just want to go and play Origins again. I will warn you even though the graphics are remastered for the Xbox One, the combat and controls are just that of Black Flag for the Xbox One. So transitioning from Origins will be frustrating, at the least, but you adjust as with any new game. What really bothered me was not being able to climb up every wall and every cliff; it is back to limited climbing my friends. The only difference with the combat in this game is you will actually be fighting off Assassins themselves... there will be areas with Assassins that are hiding in crowds, bushes, haystacks, etc. The games gives a faint whisper sounds letting you know Assassins are nearby so you itís not completely unfair to the player. You can also use eagle vision to spot them if they are in clear site. Overall, itís a pretty cool addition having to worry about be hunted yourself.

Fortunately, you donít have to worry about being hunted down or hiding enemies the entire game. For at least half, if not the majority of the game you will be spending time behind the wheel of the Morrigan. The Morrigan is a ship you soon get after taking it over at the end of a mission early on. The Morrigan acts the same as the Jackdaw did in Black Flag allowing the player to roam freely from location to location exploring the freezing North Atlantic Ocean and the rivers and waterways of North America. As with all Assassinsís Creed games this installment is loaded with side activities, missions, collectible, and also offers short present day activities and collectibles outside the Animus station. Youíll be spending a lot of time accumulating income and materials to do renovations across the three world maps as well as upgrading the Morrigan. Shay himself also has numerous upgrades including his outfits, weapons, and tools that he uses.

Even though it took Ubisoft just under four years to remaster this game, I am still extremely glad they did. It is worth playing for anyone who is a fan of the series and it is only half the price of an usual game offering just as much game time as any other game in the series. With so many unique qualities Assassinsís Creed: Rogue REMASTERED contains it really does create it entirely own Assassinís Creed experience unlike any other one. If you get the chance to check it I can promise you that you will not be disappointed with it.

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